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Best/worst customer service experience

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by jawntybull, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Have you had a great (or terrible) experience as a customer of a motorcycle company or dealer? Perhaps you have a story about getting great service, or having to fight to get your warranty claim accepted? Here's mine...

    When I bought my GS500F two years ago, second hand, I thought I would take it to a dealer for a service just to make sure I missed nothing. I normally do my own services, however I thought just this once I would take it to the experts.

    A Suzuki dealer in north west Sydney (name witheld - aren't I a nice person?) said it would take a whole day and would cost around $300 as it was a major service and required the valve clearances to be checked. Ok, said I, sounds reasonable. I took it in late one arvo ready for the service the next day.

    When I came to pick it up the next day, I was presented with a bill for $500. Oh, said the dealer, we had to check all the clearances. I know - you said that before, when you quoted $300 not $500! After some lengthy dialogue the dealer agreed out of the goodness of his heart to absorb half the difference - so the bill was $400.

    I still wasn't happy but took it on the chin. I've since found that I can get the same thing done at a specialist motorcycle mechanic for around $250, so I feel ripped off. To make matters worse, when I did my own service 6000km later I found the dealer had not put an o-ring back on one of the valve cover screws, causing oil to leak slowly out of the top of the engine. So much for giving it to the experts!

    The net of all this - I don't trust dealers and think I'm better to do my own work - at least I know what's being done then! I'll never go back to a dealer for a service again, except of course when I am forced to by warranty conditions. You live and learn eh?
  2. easy.
    dont go to a tyre shop in the inner west of sydney
    always go to lloyd penn.
  3. went to a shop in sydney city to get some tyres fitted....

    could see the noob struggling with it, and whilst browsing through the shop i walked past him still struggling...
    "Geez that looks tough mate"
    kept walking and browsing the shop.... went around the corner and heard in a high pitched voice
    "gee that looks tough whinge whinge" and some laughs...

    i thought that was not needed at all, not only that but i took the rim home to find the rim scratched so i called them and spoke to the manager who promised me a discount on my next purchase....

    needless to say i havent been back, and i wander down the road to a much nicer, reliable place...
  4. Purchased a new GS500F 15 months ago now from a large and what i thought was a reputable dealer in sydney. On taking delivery I took the bike home on a trailer as I was a learner who had never ridden on the road before. First ride and 6km later the bike starts to leak oil from the oil cooler. Bike spends a week in the workshop only to get it back with a bit of silastic put on the pipe to stop the leak. After jumping up and down they order me a new oil cooler and pipe and at the 1000km service replace it. When i purchased the bike i was told by the sales person that i get the first service free. I thought that was standard as with all new cars. So i go to pick up my bike from the service and they hit me with a $300 bill. I told them i was told it was free with the purchase. They said have u got that in writing. I said no as i thought it was standard. I asked them to contact the sales person as i had only purchased the bike about a month earlier. Convieniantly he no longer worked there. So i paid the bill. A week later i ride the bike to work. As i was getting on it in the afternoon to head home, i noticed the main bolt that holds the front end to the bike was loose and had spun half way out. Im about to purchase my upgrade bike this weekend and it wont be with that same dealer.
  5. Never had a problem with a dealer in 35 years of riding.
    I've never let a dealer work on my bike.
    For me, doing all my own maintenance and repair is part of motorcycling, that's why a major decision when I buy a bike is to get something that's not too hard to work on.
  6. Not really a "bad" experience, but one that didn't impress me:

    Two weeks ago I finally got all my funds together to buy my bike, and had it narrowed down to a few prospects. Called A Certain Dealership™ to verify they still had the bike I saw on Trading Post, and the salesperson verified they did. I said I'd be up on Friday at around 3 o'clock to check it out and was very very interested.

    I showed up with a more bike-knowledgable friend of mine to help check things out, and the bike was covered in dust, lots of small scratches and scrapes that I found to be unbefitting of a bike advertised as in "very good" condition. Then the kicker was the fact that they didn't have a battery for it, which was conveniently not mentioned when I had called several days beforehand. It's almost like they didn't want to sell the damned thing.

    So I ended up paying $1,000 less buying the same model privately, in infinitely better condition, from someone who obviously cared for the bike.
  7. I got about $1000 worth of stuff done by my dealer outside of warranty for $165. I'll be sticking with them, even though I'll be relocating to Wollongong in January.
  8. I only take my bike to a specialist service centre in Dandenong - not a dealer. Minor and major services are pre-priced and any other problems are discussed prior to any action being taken (ie standard air filter was clagged so a call was made to see if I'd like a K&N - which I did) so no nasty surprises and genuine service. It's not uncommon to make an enquiry then have a 15 minute discussion on the pros and cons etc.

    Had a great example of good customer service recently. I had a whinge on facebook the other day about my 9 month old Draggin cargoes going above the knee. Material was threadbare and split even though no contact is made with that area. Draggin got onto me via Facebook and suggested I post them in. I did and got a call yesterday morning that they are sending out a brand new pair as they deem the wear beyond normal. Yesterday afternoon a courier rocks up with them for me. talk about going beyond the call!!
  9. taking it to a mechanics, 8 times in 6 months. after i get it back this week, will have spent more on fixing the bike, than i did paying for it. that, and they take ages to fix it, not days, not even a week, more like 3 weeks. the longest its lasted after i have got it back off them, is a bit over a week. why don't i go elsewhere? there isn't much of a choice. if it breaks down again, consumer affairs will be contacted.

    bunch of c*nts.
  10. The dealer in sydney I take my bike to has had a few minor stuff ups, but they are cheap, quick and friendly so i still go back. they forgot to reconnect the front indicators once, and also forgot to reconnect the ground wire to the battery. so just little things that took me 2 seconds to figure out and fix.
  11. Action motorcycles did almost the same thing to me [-(
  12. I had a zipper go on one of my pairs, contacted them and it was replaced for free. They are really really good at making amends with customers IMO.
  13. I've heard them mentioned when it comes to such matters, though I was at a diff dealership… my experience was ALMOST funny, I should go back and thank the salesguy for not being good at his job, ensuring I went to look at hte bike I ended up buying =D>
  14. Lucky i only go there for parts :D
  15. went to action to test ride a bike. they wheeled down a completely different bike. i asked were the one i wanted to ride was and he said try this one first ( $2K more expensive bike but hey i did ride it ). finished with that bike took it back and asked to ride the original one i called about. turns out it wouldn't start and they had used the time i was gone to try to get it working. lol. didn't buy from there.

    also my current bike fell over and needed a new clutch lever. bought one from their city store. asked to borrow a 10 mm wrench to fit it and they wouldn't lend it to me even though i had just bought the part from them. they explained people walked off with the tools. i bit the bullet and had them install it for a measly $10 but still, i was rather pissed off. if i was near my mechanic he would have lent me the tool or done it free. ( moral of the story, carry 10 mm and 18 mm wrench ).
  16. Bought a GS500f from large dealer in South Sydney in 2007.
    As a returning rider I was a little nervous. One km down the Princes highway after having left the dealer (upon collecting the new bike), I notice that the speedo/odometer does not work. I stop on the side of the road and call them. No real concern about my safety... and in the end it took 2 weeks to rectify. Rode the bike home and found the tyres were dangerously (in my opinion) over inflated.
    A year later I persevere with them (they're close to where I live) and put it down to bad luck. I bought an 'end of year' Z750. When I turn up I find the sales guy spraying bloody 'Mr Sheen' all over the bike to give it a last minute shine and there's tonnes of it on the tyres...grrrrrr. This time I take my own tyre pressure gauge and discover the same thing... hugely over inflated. Not impressed. Will not step foot in that place again (nice chaps but not on my 'required' level of service).
    Sold Z750 recently and will deffo travel to a good store for next purchase.
  17. I have been very impressed with Peter Steven's Motorcylces.

    After dropping the bike they replaced the clutch lever, realigned the handlebars only charging me the cost of the clutch and doing the work on the spot while I waited. When I got it back they had even lubed the chain for me.

    Previously I took it it in to get squeaky brakes looked at, they fixed the brakes and lubed the chain on that occasion too. Still for no cost and on the spot while I waited.

    I had heard some negative stories about Peter Stevens but only positive experiences here. Even when I bought the bike I couldnt get over to the dealership to sign the paper work so they came round to my work.
  18. I went to Peter Stevens in Melbourne looking to test ride a CB400, after talking about the bike with the sales guy I asked about a test ride

    Me: "Can I test ride one"
    Salesguy: "Sorry we dont allow test rides for learners"
    Me: "No worries. Im not dropping 11k on a bike I can't test though, so I will go somewhere where I can test it"
    Salesguy: "No dealer will allow a learner to test ride a bike, besides other learners dont test ride bikes"
    Me: "I dont care what others do. I wont buy a bike without a test ride"
    Salesguy: " I have never test ridden any bike I ever bought"
    My Beautiful fiancee: "well you're an idiot aren't you"

    I have since found 2 local stores that have allowed me to take a cb400 for a ride. Mornington honda in particular were great, didnt mind chatting to me about the bike and spending time with me even though I made it clear from the outset that I wouldnt be buying for a few weeks.

    Jeimbo, can I ask the name of your mechanic in dandenong, Im on the lookout for a good one myself for when I (eventually!!) get my bike
  19. do you work there?;) tbh, from what I've heard I'd rather go to Pete Steve than sumoto.

    gjonesy: Could you have been any more clear about which store you were at? While I've never bought any major purchases from Sydney City, my encounters with them have been ok, helped me out with accessories and fixed something for free on the spot. But ultimately, it's a big company who care more about profits than people, and pretending otherwise will only so far.
  20. I had a problem with some boots from SC. The salesman talked me into a pair that was too small and this was right after my foot fracture so after walking about in the house for an hour or so I deemed them too painful to keep. I rang the store and spoke to the guy who sold them to me and said that the store didn't want them back because i had already wore them in during the hour that i pranced around the house with them on and the boots were essentially unsellable so they wouldn't be taking a refund. He suggested that I soak my feet and the boots in a bathtub to stretch them out for my feet to fit em. Wasn't happening... After getting off the phone to him I read over the company policy on exchange and refunds and turns out they do have the 7 day change of mind policy so I shot an email off to their head office and....

    the big big manager came down on the store manager and the store manager called me up to bring me into the store and fit me into a better set and apologised for the other blokes behaviour. The salesman had been a tad spirited in his denial of my return so I had mentioned this in the letter to head office.

    If I hadn't gotten the good service by the manager afterwards, I would never have gone back to the store.