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Best / Worst / Craziest things you ever done

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Ok guys, I know theres plenty of wannabe ghost riders out there, i wanna here stories. as subject sugests the best worst or craziest thing you've ever done on a bike.

  2. The list is long but distinguished. Done many foolish things, one that comes to mind was racing my mate down the kiama bends. Gale force winds, lots of traffic and lane spittin the corners at speeds that shattered the posted speed limit.
  3. Well....in 1996, I got NICKED :oops: doing 215km/h down Beecroft Rd twoards Epping in Sydney. Camera....got arrested that night (I got done about 9.30pm....nobody around except the bloody cops... :mad:

    4 years loss of brief.....2 year GB bond...and a 2 year suspended...oh....and $3500 fine.

    To be perfectly honest, I would rather have done the time than have my life taken off me for 4 years....it was HARD....but I learnt from it.

    That was crazy...foolish....stupid....and everything else you can think of :?
  4. [img:184:138:50a43562fe]http://www.destinationhollywood.com/movies/topgun/images/topgun_slider.jpg[/img:50a43562fe]
  5. ...well so is my johnson :cool:

    busted :oops:

    good to see there is another topgun fan here, :cool:
  6. When I was about 12 years old we had a Honda 250 Super Red 3 wheeler.

    We used to play a version of tag (chasey) with it where we'd drop everyone off about 3 kms from home base, give em 1 minute headstart and then chase each other down.

    You were caught when any part of the bike touched you, :shock:

    First person home or last person mowed down got to ride the bike for the next round.

    Looking back that seems kinda stupid.
  7. Doing a wheelie two-up past a copper in the middle of a country town :D
  8. Oh, christ...SAVE US!
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  10. Haha...

    Top Gun
  11. [img:378:195:e1d339b1df]http://www.hboasia.com/images/posters/378x195/top_gun.jpg[/img:e1d339b1df]

    C'mon - how can anyone not be a fan of that movie?

  12. certainly is still an all time favorite, in fact the only music CD i've ever bought is the top gun soundtrack. :eek:

    why else would i ride a motorcycle? and a kawasaki no less! :grin:

    an admiral's daughter.. what a conquest! :cool: :p


    the F-14 has been decommissioned but we'll always have the memories. :(
  13. back along along time ago 76/77 , in northwest Australia

    pillioned on the back of a cb750 facing backwards , wiith a carton between my legs, handing out tinnies to the other riders on a ride from one town to another.

    Awakening the next morning with some old italian woman screaming at me , coz I fell asleep in the doorway to the womans toilet block at the caravan park.

    or riding 40 miles at an almost 45 dg angle to go straight ,while riding through the tail end of a cyclone to get home .
  14. . . . . so you were in a 4g, inverted dive with a Mig28 ?

    keep them coming !!!
  15. What bike is it that Maverick races along the airstrip on in TopGun?
    I just bought a Kawasaki of that vintage so hoping I may have some movie cred ;)
  16. 1600km of non stop riding to see if I could get a date with this crazy chick... LOL I married her!!
  17. its a GPX with bling !!! :rofl:


    nah, the bike looks like a GPZ900, its one of the retro bikes in Tourist Trophy.
  18. Well this was not the most crazy thing

    Will not mention any names but this group of 3 people outran
    the NSW Police chopper
    The choppers ground speed was only 230 kph......

    The cops on the chopper were pissed called in a road block luckily the riders had all slowed down by then so no speed reading was taken.

    As the chopper had no designated speed detector they could not prove the speed limit was broken <whew>
  19. Ok this is no 215 down Beecroft road, so so not really the craziest thing I've done, but...

    I got pulled over for doing 71 click over the limit, the copper took me aside and showed me his little book outlining the fines etc for each speeding group and said to me, "Just slow it down a little, and if your going to speed keep it less than 20km/h over" and that was it, he just rode off. I didn't get anything.

    That was one lucky break, so thankyou Mr. Most Awesome Cop Ever.
  20. I'm pretty sure the stupidest thing i've done on a motorbike involved redline in 5th gear on a FZR250 and the Monash Fwy at ~2pm on a weekday. Nothing else really compares to that... they're all just minor acts of stupidity instead of major ones. Mono's whilst lanesplitting are right up there on the list though.