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Best wishes to Lil & Stookie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LadyYamaha, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. May your Wedding Day be the perfect start to a perfect life together!

  2. Big +1. All the Best to you both.
  3. And again. Sorry we can't be there.
  4. All the best for today guys. The weather couldn't be more perfect for your special day :)

    Have you got other plans for today Loz?
    If not, we could call in on the way to the wedding with a box of goodies for you ;)
  5. Have a great one! And have a great trip next week...!
  6. Good luck with the day guys. I hope getting hitched goes off without a hitch. :LOL:
  7. Thanks guys.......what am I supposed to be doing right now cos im bored.....

    Should I be nervous cos im not.

    See you when Im allowed out to play again.....
  8. As I said Stookie, get off MSN and the forums and start pacing the hallways like a groom to be orta!!!! :p
  9. congrats hope it all goes well

    stookie if u r board and go for a quick blat
    but just be late

  10. Ah yes they say that marriage is a fine institution if you want to live in an institution that is :LOL:

    Congrats in advance guys and enjoy your special day......
  11. Mate, by 2058 we'll all be too old to "play" :rofl:

    Have a brilliant day the both of you :)
  12. Hehehe .. I remember being exactly the same on the morning of my wedding. I think I played xbox for a couple of hours and washed the bike? :) Cya in a few hrs :grin:
  13. All the best on your special day Lil and Stookie.....and have a great time riding (the bikes) while in Tas :grin:
  14. Have a good one guys and gals

    Stookie your bored all the time :LOL: :wink:

    See you both later. I am even getting dressed up :wink:
  15. Lil & Stookie,
    Hope you have many years of happiness ahead of you
    and have lots of fun next week and always,
    We'll all be there in spirit,
    All THE BEST
  16. Many happy years to you both.
  17. Congratulation Lil & Stookie.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  18. All the best to both. Have a great day, make lots of fine memories, and enjoy the trip next week.
  19. My best wishes for today and the future.

  20. Sorry I couldn't make it to the ceremony, but I hope it went well. :)

    Here's wishing you every happiness together (and a great Tassie trip too)!!!