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Best winter waterproof gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I realise best is subjective, but what do people think is the best pair of waterproof winter gloves at the moment? Brand and model.

    Noticed my current gore-tex gloves have a slight tear in them, which will very quickly get larger and in will come the cold and wet. So I need a new pair.

  2. I was trying some winter gloves last week. Best ones I found were DriRider Storm. Gave pretty decent feel for a thick winter glove, plenty of Thinsulate lining over the top and knuckles, and they have a rubber visor wipe blade down the left thumb. Priced at $99. If I was gon out tomorrow to get a new pair (which Im considering), I would go with them.
  3. I bought these joe rocket gloves last week. Seem pretty good so far. feels pretty solid, seems to have good protection, not too bulky, but reasonably warm.

    have worn then in moderately wet conditions with no problems. I have a feeling that they might be a bit cool in cold conditions, but can't say yet. great for brisbane, cause it doesn't really get cold!

  4. I've got those same gloves Cuvy, and have used them in Tassie winters. Excellent glove.
    I'd suggest that with any glove, if you're on the bike for any length of time in the wet (all day) they will start to leak and get cold. I Tas I learnt to wear some disposable latex gloves underneath as a liner, they keep your digits extra dry and toasty warm.

  5. DriRider Highlander gloves - Bike Mart sell them
  6. My Dainese Antarctic Goretex gloves are fantastic 3 seasons still warm and toasty dry. Cannot get them but the technology is in a new version called Jerico, expect to pay around 230.00
  7. Doesn't Vic have a pair of gloves that cause him to bar up? I seem to remember him gushing about them...... :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. I've got a pair of these Scumbag. Bought them from Peter Stevens in Dandenong 5 wks ago. They're bloody brilliant gloves. By far the best I've bought...worth the $$. They ARE waterproof. I've owned a few pairs of 'waterproof' gloves since I started riding and none of them have been waterproof. Only worn the Dainese pair once in the wet but my fingies were dry the whole time. :) :) Good stuff!

    Totally recommend them Mouth - yep..even for that price!


  9. Don't buy Joe Rocket. I bought some waterproof ones and they'd be lucky if the kept my fingers dry in a shower, let alone proper rain. Completely useless when it starts raining.

    Check out Dririder Adventure gloves. Probably give you 45-60 minutes of dry hands in proper rain, depending on whether or not you've got a rainsuit covering the top of them. You could probably waterproof them further. I know they're very protective though, as I've tested them at high speed. ;)