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Best winter jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ursus, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. It seems that on Monday winter came to Sydney. I rode in my usual jacket from MAroubra to Penrith at 7 am, and by the time I reached my destination I felt like a deep frozen leg of lamb. I am a new rider and this is my first winter of regular riding. What's the best wionter riding jacket? Should it be leather? Any good budget options or the more you pay the better? Links and recommendations will be highly appreciated.

  2. Best winter jacket I've owned was a DriRider (can't remember exactly which model). It was waterproof with a thermal liner.

    I currently have an RJays 'adventure' jacket that is a close mesh but has a removeable waterproof liner and thermal liner. It's fine for most of the year, but when it gets cold, under 10 then I need a jumper on under it and when it gets really cold, under 5, then the thermals get put on.

    Basically I wouldn't recommend a perforated/mesh/heavily vented jacket for winter.
  3. Leather is at least windproof but it doesn't insulate very well. I've had good results wearing waterproofs over leather but if it's warm enough for perspiration the moisture will eventually chill you.
    Best winter jacket I've had is a Clover 'Highway'. Not cheap though.
  4. if your jacket is windproof get some base layers. thermals or fleece for example.
  5. Riding in the cold and wet with leaking gear is at best miserable and at worst dangerous.
    When my second Dririder jacket started leaking, I invested some serious money in a Rukka Mika jacket.
    This Goretex jacket has been warm in the coldest conditions ( in Perth ), completely waterproof and seems reasonably well armoured.
    The only hiccup is the front pockets aren't waterproof and anything in them gets soaked. Beats me why anybody would want water permeable pockets but there you go.
    Most important is to look after your fingers with warm, waterproof gloves.
    Also make sure the pants are long enough to overlap boot tops when riding.
  6. What Twistngo said. Layers are your friend.
    Good quality moisture wicking inner layer, followed by a cotton (or other natural fibre) layer or two, then a windproof jacket (or normal jacket with liner) on top.

    If I'm doing a run to Jenolan in the Winter it's not unusual for me to have 4 layers on.
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  7. Forgot to answer your original question OP.
    For winter I use a BMW City suit jacket, full armour, vented and 100% waterproof (including pockets).
    In summer I wear leather jackets from a variety of overpriced Italian manufacturers.
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  8. I'm currently in the same boat, I only got a summer jacket because I get so hot normally but I felt the cold the other morning.
    I have one of these but its no good for winter so will be following this thread too
  9. This, though you probably wont need as many layers for commuting in Sydney. Just a long sleeved trekking shirt with liner in your summer leather jacket and then a rain jacket over the top. Same for legs (trekking leggings). Woolen socks. Winter gloves. You'll get a little sweaty because there isn't any airflow but but it's better than freezing.
  10. Despite my growing collection of leather moto jackets, the warmest riding jacket of them all are my (polyester?) rain jackets - one DriRider and a A* Verona. The fact that they don't breathe and contain removal thermal liners does the trick. Keep heat trapped with some thermal under and/or a scarf/balaclava, you'll be toasty all winter.

    Your hands though, they're another story.
  11. I usually wear a few layers in winter.

    For the top it is, long sleeve thermals, a t-shirt, a jacket/jumper, leather bike jacket neck warmer and then rain jacket (which is also wind proof). Thermals for the hands as well and water proof motorcycle glove...although I still get cold hands. Balaclava to help keep the head warm...most of heat loss is through the head.

    Bottom I have thermals, thick socks, kevlar riding jeans and rain pants (part of a rain suit with the jacket). Water proof riding boots (well they were).

    Regarding layering. Wear something snug as the first layer, something like thermals or skins, second layer should be something like a fleece jacket/jumper that is NOT a tight fit and third layer water/wind proof. The thermals/skins wicks sweat away keeping you warm while the loose jacket/jumper keeps a pocket of air between skin and fleece...air has poor heat transfer meaning less heat loss compared to multitude of tightly fitted clothing. The water/wind proof overlay obviously protects you from direct water and wind chill.

    BTW, my above layers are for temperatures below 10C. Anything above is usually normal summer gear with rain suit. It is the wind you want to stop getting to your skin...if you can do that, you'll be right :)
  12. Last three Melbourne winters I have been dry and warm with RST Pro-Series - kind of middle of the road price wise...

    Not the the cheapest - but definitely nowhere near the most expensive.....

    Having said that - I got pretty well soaked in this very gear in a Melbourne downpour recently........so it would appear it is good when it's good......but it has a shelf life.
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  14. you are losing body temp through your neck on the bike, so you need any one of those fleecy neck sock thingies.
    allthough mines not fleece, it's a klim one i just double up.

    any of the fancy euro brands won't be beat if you really need the best of the best. be looking at top shelf gortex touring jackets from spidi or rev'it or bmw gear as mentioned etc. top dollar.

    but if you want something good and cheap, check out the dri-rider urban hoodie for local jaunts, or icon patrol for commuting in shitty weather is also avail in brighter colours with some reflective material.
    those are my preferences anyway. layering is great but tight thermals and i'm not comfortable. i just don't feel as loose and limber, which you really need to be in the wet.
    so i like the looser comfort of the above two.
    most of the fancy expensive jackets are long in the torso and once you tighten adjustments to fit they make you feel stiff on a sportsbike.
  15. Well you learn something new everyday. Well I guess that does explain why I feel warmer when I put my cold hands under warm running water.
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  17. If its of any interest fc-moto currently have the Rukka Mika jacket for $450 down from $770.
  18. I got a dainese gortex jacket, with a thick liner and high neck (can get away without a neck warmer most of the time) it's great. I spent years trying to stay warm with thermals and jumpers under leather jackets but there's not match for these fancy materials when it comes to staying dry and warm.
  19. Just ordered it. Hope the size fits. It's actually even cheaper because of VAT deduction. Paid AUD400 including delivery.