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Best Website to view Bikes for Sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by starlet, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. What do you think the best website for bikes is?

  2. bikesales, bikepoint and the tradingpost are the best 3 options.

    of those I prefer bikesales, as bikepoint seems to be more dealer based.

    Once you decide what you want, it's good to check the tradingpost as a cross reference.
  3. Ebay does have the best search option though - in that it'll let you search only within a chosen radius of your postcode. Wish the others had that feature (though tradingpost isn't bad in at least being able to select regions but sometimes you need to search more than one).
  4. All those mentioned above, and don't forget the forum threads, ORoads, Overclockers, CBR250, etc, too...
  5. autotrader/tradingpost
  6. Bikesales, without a doubt.
  7. +3
  8. Trading post for the range and bargains
  9. I think I've said this here before, but I prefer Bikesales over Bikepoint (though I'll check both) because Bikepoint's categorisation is bad. That is, on Bikesales there are 80-odd VTR1000F Firestorms, all in one category. On Bikepoint there might be 30 VTR1000Fs, 27 VTR1000 Firestorms, 18 VTR1000s and so on.
  10. uhuh :wink:
  11. Bikesales has the largest range, but the interface and search features are pretty horrible. Doesn't even list KM's, which is annoying.

    Bikepoint has the best interface and search, along with eBay, but not much of a range.
  12. oh, i meant to say... i've sold 2 bikes one Ebay... one is yet to be delivered.... it would have been a 3rd bike but when i went to deliver it the mrs ran straight up the back of me... :evil:

    i was so upset i didnt talk to her for 4 days... :(
  13. For some reason I think the interface and search is shocking on bikepoint but great on bikesales :?
  14. the trading post has come good in this respect. It used to be shocking. It's still slow, however.
  15. That's true, definitely an improvement when they got rid of the stupid popup windows for ads which you couldn't bookmark.
    Also can never remember if it's bikesales or bikepoint but one of them has a nasty habit of causing firefox to lock up on both my home and office computers (even if I close FF it'll still be running in Task Manager). Think it has something to do with Java. Anyone else ever get this?
  16. Thanks for the replies everyone. I kinda figured it'd be the popular sites, just thought there may be some that I wasn't aware of.

    Unfortunately some sites just aren't compatible with FF, haven't experienced the problem with Bikepoint/Sales yet but I have with other sites :mad:
  17. Yeah I used to get it at bikesales, but not in the latest versions
  18. Something I don't like about both Bikesales and Bikepoint is they don't tell you how old the ad is. Sometimes I get the feeling the ads are very old and out of date, just didn't get removed.
  19. I use a combination of Bikepoint, Bikesales, Tradingpost and Ebay.

    Some are better than others, for sure, but wouldn't wanna miss a bargain for an interface that was slightly less polished.

    Are you buying or selling? That may make a difference. Ebay lets you have "supersize" photos which is a big advantage IMO.

    Just my 2cents.... :)