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Best way to wire up accessories on an XR650R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by harry216921, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm looking to wire up a ciggy lighter on my XR650R - mainly to charge a GPS, Phone, UHF....

    Can somebody tell me the best place to wire this up?

    I have mounted it on a custom piece of framework right next to the speedo, so something close by would be handy!

    XR650R wiring diagram - img2. freeimagehosting. net/ image.php?f51c49c280.jpg

  2. I'm no good with electrics so anything I need to wire up goes straight onto the battery. Difficult to bugger up.
  3. Bit hard with the XR650 - no battery :)
  4. Can't get the image up BUT I'd suggest across the headlight as the most likely source. DONT FORGET a fuse in the cct. Also note that some bikes with no Battery run AC for the headlight which isn't going to work for you.
  5. Yeah sorry about the link - had to put spaces all through it, because netrider doesn't let Newbies post links :(
  6. Here is the image: http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?f51c49c280.jpg

    I'm not good at wiring diagrams, so I'll leave it to someone else to select a take off point. But did you really need to use a cigarette lighter socket? They don't handle vibrations very well, so you may get constant off-on-off-on power. Not good for GPS's and other devices. A powerlet socket would have been better, if you can adapt your devices to use one.

    Also, definitely put an in-line fuse into the source wire. You don't want to have an unfused power supply on the front of your bike.
  7. Relay might be good, if you know how to wire them, cause then you can have the advantage of running straight from the battery, but you can have it switched with the ignition or whatever. But if you don't mind power always being available, wire it directly to the battery. Oh, and +1 on the fuse. Always fuse!
  8. Suspicion confirmed.
    head and tail (parking) lights run AC .
    Use the Black and Green ( BLACK = POSITIVE , Green = negative)
    At the back of the speedo connector BUT it will not have a lot of capacity and may not charge very well.
  9. duplicate, please delete :oops:
  10. What are you doing fishpost19?

    PS: It pays to read the thread before posting a reply, otherwise you risk looking like a goose. :LOL:
  11. :oops: I missed that post while I was scrolling. The only post I missed was the important one :LOL: . Sorry. Well if there's no battery, there's probably no rectifier, so you'll need one to charge your GPS, phone, etc. Can't charge batteries with AC
  12. Try again. Take a look at the wiring diagram.

    But don't let me put you off posting. Seriously. We all make mistakes, but trying to be helpful is what a forum is all about. :grin:
  13. The best way to wire it is directly to the battery, through a 4/5 pin relay.

    Wire the relay as follows...

    Pin 30: directly to the battery via a 10amp fuse(mount fuseholder as close to battery as possible)...thefuse is there to protect your bike in case of a short circuit...DONT be tempted to skip it

    Pin 85: to earth (negative battery terminal or a solid bolt on the frame)

    Pin 86: to the positive wire that goes to the tail light or headlight (this turns the cig lighter socket on and off with the ignition)...this prevents flat batteries

    Pin 87: to the positive wire of the cig lighter adapter

    Bikes are compact and light so a lot of times the circuits on the bike are designed to carry their rated current and not much more..using a relay is the safest way to get full power from the battery to the accessories you want to use while not having to worry about putting excess strain on the bikes electrics or forgetting to turn things off and running the battery flat.

    PM me if you want any help :

    EDIT: Just saw you have no battery :LOL:
  15. Err, Keith. No battery. :eek: Doh :LOL:

    I've just been giving fishpost19 a hard time for just such a mistake. Bad me. Bad me. :grin:

  16. jeez you gotta be quick round here! :LOL:
  17. Did I mention it doesn't have a battery? :grin:
  18. :roll:
  19. Mate, just wire it to the battery.
  20. I haven't got my glasses on, but is it the Bl (Blue)[Right hand wire on the regulator] wire running the regulated supply? If so thats the puppy, but before you do anything...

    Get a multimeter and test current and Voltage. 12Volts is good, too high and you can damage your nice shiny techno toys. To low and they won't charge. Make sure the current is DC and stable.

    I wouldn't use a ciggy plug, I would be changing the connection to a push-clip style plug, of your selection.