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Best way to sell your bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by random101, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Clearly be as cool as you possibly can on a bike and get your mates to take photos of you!

    Patrolling the good old ebay for goodies and i came across this


    *please note i have no relation to the sale just saw the add and thought wtf
  2. hahaha!
    love the riding sandals! :LOL:
  3. Yeah i saw that newly listed add today. Im surprised he wore a helmet.

    I get wearing a t-shirt, longer shorts though, but you need shoes still, IF it is fu*kin hot as hell and your only going to shops or little ride to beach and being sensible.

    From the photos, it dont look hot, and the fact he looks like he's thrashing it on the streets.
  4. Not to mention he's selling it after a week because he can't get a licence!
  5. is it just me or does it appear that in the photo of the fool sitting on the bike, that the fairing has been edited in paint? it almost looks as if you put a bit of black there
  6. Do you have some special talent of telling the temperature by looking at a picture that you've never told me about Tim? Get on my facebook and correctly tell me the temperature at the time my display pic was taken :) lol
  7. Not particularly, judging there isn't a strong sun, it looks like just a cool afternoon. If i look at ur facebook pic it probably looks like its raining but its really 40degrees lol.
  8. I reckon he lost his car license and thought he could get around it by buying a $10,000 bike. :LOL:
  9. I went through Brighten-Le-Sands last week and saw about 20 of these idiots in board shorts riding around and chesty bond singlets.

    won't say it's a certain race, because then i'd be racist, but it seemed to be one specific group that generally hangs there with there cars racing up and down the same patch of street non-stop for hours on end.
  10. Seems like a bargain for that Fully-sik Hektic cbr Bro.....
  11. Funny stuff. Not even board shorts or normal shorts.. STUBBY shorts. What a bogan.
  12. +1 to all of the above......love the flip-flops & short-shorts.....safety gear at it's best!!!!!!!!! I often wonder what the point of saving your head is, if the whole rest of your body's been smeared accross the road..............& I also often wonder who would want some1's smelly 2nd-hand helmet anyway? You'd never know if it'd been dropped or damaged in some way................
  13. If he crashed, i'd laugh in his face.
  14. who cares if he was wearing nothing at all. He's doing nothing wrong. No law stipulates anything other than a helmet and a licence!

    Perosnally i dont care if someone wears a tshirt or full leathers. Its their business if they come off.

    Just cant blv how much this forum has turned into a biatch session

    "oh my good look at what he's wearing"....Im over reading about it...
  15. well he says he doesn't have a licence so he is doing atleast one thing wrong ;)
  16. Its been like that for much longer than you've been here so it hasn't turned into this recently at all! Just ignore anyone who's opinion you strongly disagree with - you can't win the internetz :p

    Personally I don't care if other people ride with no protective gear either. I do think that riding a bike without a license, without knowing how to ride properly is a pretty poor decision especially when there is mesh gear available nowadays theres just no excuse.

    Offtopic a bit, it does amuse me when reading ads for bikes and the description... terribly spelling, poor grammar, etc. I wouldn't want to buy a bike from an idiot, its alot more likely to be taken care of by someone with brains.
  17. Well said.
  18. I ain't bitching, i do the same, i did last week riding to the beach, BUT my shorts were longer and i was wearing shoes.
    Adidas Sandals is bit farked, i'd laugh if i saw someone riding with them and it fell off :LOL: Would you turn back haha? Stop traffic to grab it.
  19. You know he's chucking in the helmet too, so for less than a hundred bux, you could be just as cool as him. Waddafuknlegend.