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Best way to secure small tools?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dima, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. With the non existing storage compartment on Daytona, what's the best way to carry a small Allan key? See pic.

    Blue tag and duct tape are in my mind but this doesn't feel right :) IMG_20140314_003346.

  2. I stored mine in a zip-lock sandwich bag and then duct taped to an appropriate spot in the tail.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Perhaps a little out there as a suggestion.... put it in your pocket?!
  5. Sorry - cant help.
    I don't have a small tool.
  6. Reusable ziptie?
  7. Electrical wholesaler - there is a cable wrap tape made from double sided velcro. Comes on a roll, just like electrical tape. Perfect for jobs like that.

    Jaycar sell pre-made hook and loop cable ties http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=HP1232
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  8. Velcro a bag to the underside of the seat where there is the most space.
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  9. Best way to secure small tools?

    The seat belts in commodores work pretty well.
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  10. ...

    Silly dilemma : To not reply at all to this thread, because it seems, it appears, I have (or am) a small tool that needs securing, would indicate that I DO have a small... (cough) but if I don't answer like the smart arse that I am, nobody will KNOW I have a ... except me... and I will know because I wanted to dribble sloppy brown humour all over it... The thread, I mean, not my...

    Decisions, decisions...

    For the real world, and those in need of sensible and responsible advice (which is probably way more than would admit to it) imagine placing a dagger, or one of those 4 point always-stand-up ninja stars inside your jacket or pants, and then getting tackled by (name the hardest tackle in the NRL these days - I don't watch it any more) or jumping out of a train or something. You stop children from running around with anything that can stab them if they fall on it, well stop and think! Screwdrivers - allen keys - spanners - little pairs of pliers - they don't belong in your pockets!

    Bikes GENERALLY come with a toolkit, which is generally in a little (usually black) sausage bag that goes under the seat or in the tail-piece or somewhere. If you can't fit a 2.5m tungsten carbide crowbar in there, then PERHAPS you should leave it at home... The hard one to make a decision on is the 8 ~ 12 inch shifter - SO BL00DY USEFUL!! ... and So big and heavy and nasty to have inside your shirt while you tumble down a flight of stairs...

    Backpacks are a pain in the arse, but they do have their uses.
  11. Clip it to the other Allen keys with a few small magnets, or re-useable cable ties.
  12. That magnet idea is brilliant. Some rare earth magnets (small, high strength, available from many electronics suppliers) would work a treat.
  13. I thought the daytona came with a small allen key peg holder on the underside of the seat, stock fitting.
  14. get a set of those Allen keys on keyrings and get a second keyring and cable tie that keyring under the seat...and then you can remove them as you need?
  15. Cheapskate gets the prize.
  16. you could add a tool tube - seen versions of this mounted sideways behind and across the registration plate. Doesn't have to be this big obviously.

    On the other hand, you could add the black box to carry your spare bog roll :D

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  17. How small is the small Allen Key - would it fit in your wallet.

    You could get an Andy Strapz seat roll or something similar.
  18. Hey, don't knock the poo tickets! Better to have half a roll of bum fodder in a plastic bag under your seat, than be part-way through a ride out in the boonies with a brick in your guts, and you just know it's gonna take plenty of wiping for that to come clean...

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  19. I'm not knocking it - I'm the one holding the roll :D

    mind you, I mostly use it for cleaning the camera lenses!
  20. Buy a Ducati,you wont need tools.
    Your only dilenma then will be which ute to buy.
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