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Best way to purchase a bike interstate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slideways, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm currently in the process of buying a track bike interstate.

    I'm curious to know what the best way to pay for the bike would be? I was thinking Paypal? But I've read other posts on here of paypal scams etc, so the seller may not want that option?

    What other options are there? Bank transfer? to me that seems risky, because I don't think there's much in the way of security? Ie, if I send him the money, and he doesn't send the bike, what options do i have?

    I'll be having the bike transported, I'm not sure exactly with who yet (probably whoever is cheapest) do transport companies handle payments? ie. I pay the transport company, they pay the seller when they pick up the bike?

    I've never bought interstate before, thank god its a track bike, so theres no rego drama to deal with.. :)

    VIN etc is checked, and I had a acquaintance / guy i rode with once, in that city to have a look at the bike for me, but he's not a close enough friend that I would trust handling the purchase of the bike for me....

    Its not an expensive bike, I'm just trying to avoid a pain in the ass situation :)
  2. The transport companies (decent ones) usually have a method of assisting the sale for you, as its quite a common position you are in. Best bet is to call them and ask :).
  3. For me it goes back to its history, its age, its use, and the current owners credibility and level of care. Ideally you'd inspect any bike yourself, failing that have a mate do it for you (even off NR), failing that try a transport company's inspection service as above, failing that examine the pics for areas of concern (no trackbike is perfect), maybe ask for a current video walk-around & startup, weigh it up, discuss over the phone a few times to get some assessment of the credibility of the seller, and make a decision.

    I've tried a combination of the above, and hopefully in a week or 2 I'll be looking at the 2nd one I bought this year, sight unseen. Seems crazy even to me, but after lots of communications, thinking it through and understanding the bike's history, I have a an idea of what I could be getting into with someone elses 2nd hand track/racebike. I'm more interested in crash history, track/race kms and most importantly how rigorous the maintenance has been. The least of a track/racebikes potential issues are its cosmetic details!

    Actual payment-wise, after discussions for a few weeks I've always been comfortable enough with what I'm going to receive that I do a direct deposit. I make sure their ID, and other things check out that build up a picture - work emails, ph numbers etc, so I can track them down later if need be! I'm sure it could turn to sh1t, but I'm pretty choosey with my bikes, and I've found the owners credibility generally tends to be a reflection of the bike for sale. So far anyway.
  4. I always thought that interstate bikes are the sirens call. If they are such a bargain they would have been bought by a local, unless they are a rare bike that not many are interested in or in the country with limited market.. I find the market knows what bikes are worth generally.
  5. Hi all,

    I've bought two bikes in the last 12 months from interstate (one was international actually - if you count NZ as international...) both sight unseen. The first one I sent a deposit to the sellers acc/bsb and brought a bank cheque for the difference when I picked it up. The second one I bought with no deposit, just turned up with a bank cheque when I picked it up.

    Worked fine. Maybe my BS detector was working overtime, but I had a good feeling about both sellers. Probably a bit risky electronic transferring money into an account but I figured MOST people (especially us bikers) are honest and we have nothing to worry about. Its only money at the end of the day anyway right?