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Best way to navigate on 3 day bike ride?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by GunSlingerAU, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    My bro and I are hitting the Victorian countryside this weekend on an extended 3 day Victory Hammer test ride. I've plotted out the routes for each day, but would like some advice on the best way to navigate whilst on the ride? I've only got a Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, and when using GPS on this the battery dies after a couple of hours of continuous use. Also, I'm not sure about how to open my planned routes in the Google Maps app on my phone. Here are the routes:







    Should I buy a dedicated GPS app, and then figure out how to import the Google map routes into it? Or should I just stick with Google Maps - bearing in mind battery life, and we probably won't have cell coverage everywhere we're going.
  2. On your Monday ride you could join me and four other riders going home from Omeo, through Bright. We're heading the same way as you from Whitfield as far as Yarra Glen.
    We're actually going through Myrtleford too, but we're going down Rose River Rd instead of over Oxley. Feel free to join us if you like, and if you're cool with about 30km of dirt road. :)

    As far as navigation goes, I use my phone with a spare battery charger thingo small enough to fit in my pocket. I also rely on printouts of a map/ride directions as well as a rather excellent memory when it comes to directions. If that fails, there are also two riders in my group that have GPS on their bikes. :D
  3. As easy as one and two

    1) Download a map program that does not need a data connection (ie full map download on your phone). For the iphone I recommend Navmii AU/NZ.

    2) Hook up a USB phone charger to your bike so your phone will always have juice.

    I normally choose and set my waypoints / route at home. Then it's only a matter of choosing a waypoint from your saved list if you are out on the road.
  4. Im my experience, phone GPS apps are mainly useful for voice directions. The phone screen is just not bright enough in sunlight to be easily read.
    Not a problem if you can pull over to peer closely at it, to double check your position. Phone screen will not respond to gloved fingers without modification either.
    I've had problems with phone battery charge running out, even when plugged into auxiliary power outlet (2.1A). I've also had the phone overheat and shut down while navigating on a hot day.
    On the plus side, I've found the Sygic app to be very good.

    Ultimately, nothing beats a dedicated motorcycle GPS. I have been able to export KML files from Google Maps and import them to GPS. Had to modify the route slightly after import, but it worked more or less.
  5. titustitus - point taken. My phone has overheated a few times in the past causing shut down.
  6. Couple of notes on your route.
    Saturday route: IMO the B500 from Bairnsdale to Bruthen and down to Lakes Entrance is not significantly more interesting than going direct via the A1 (Princes Highway). Just saying.
    Sunday: Are you aware the Benambra Road from near Omeo to near Corryong is nearly all unsealed? Also, I can recommend the Jingellic Road and Murray River Road from Tumbarumba back to Albury. Just watch for potholes.
  7. If you're keen on heading down Rose River road, between Cheshunt and Dandongadale, this is what it looks like
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  8. Eat, fuel, ride, eat fuel, ride, Eat, sleep, eat, fuel, ride, eat, fuel ride, eat sleep, eat fuel ride, eat, fuel, ride, eat, sleep, eat fuel, ride, eat, fuel ride, eat, sleep, eat, go to work.
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  9. Nope, had no idea the road wasn't sealed - we're riding big fat old cruisers, so that's a no go for us. Time to replot the route!
  10. How can I tell which roads are sealed and which aren't? Does this route stick to sealed roads?
  11. Where's the drinkin' fit in?
  12. Ok, after using Google Maps' zoom ability, I think I've confirmed that this route stays on sealed roads:
  13. Sadly our cruisers are built for the black top. Maybe when I buy another road/trail next year ;)
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  14. Hi Gunslinger, sounds like one hell of a test ride.
    If I had that 8 Ball for 3 Days this is what I would do.
    You route out of Melbourne is going to take an hour of traffic just to get to Yarra Junction. It's not worth it, when you have some of Gippsland's Gems next door to you.
    You need to get that 8 Ball to Cooma on day 1, so that on Day 2 you can set it free on The Snowy Mountain Hwy to Tumut. (the natural home of The 8 Ball)
    Then on to Albury through some of Vic's most scenic roads. Day 3 is an easy cruise back to Mel.
    My apologies if I seem to criticize, but these are just suggestions.
    You are going to have a "Ball" either way. Pun Intended. :)

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3
  15. Yes, all sealed. Very twisty and intense from Omeo to Mitta Mitta. You will be scrapping the Floor boards often. It's a sensational route.
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  16. I missed my turn off, and ended up going down that road by mistake, I wasnt impressed with it,
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  17. Yes it is. However I was there a week ago and there is about 10km of roadworks half way between Omeo and Mitta. Take care either way, Mate of mine came to grief after hitting a fallen rock mid-corner (fortunately not too serious). And you are a long way from assistance out there. The nearest vehicles recovery is Wodonga.
    Beautiful ride but unrelenting.
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  18. Th
    The bike I bought recently, has an USB port, it's very handy, I'll send u a pic later if u want
  19. Just be aware there is a big bicycle event around Mt Hotham, Bright, Omeo etc this coming weekend.
    The main ride is Sunday but the lycra crowd will be out and about on Saturday as well. I'm guessing extra BiB will be looking after them.
    And there will be some road closures:

    Back on topic, I have a RAM X-mount and USB and 12v outlets on the handlebars. I used to take my TomTom but these days I just use GoogleMaps on my iPhone with bluetooth to the Sena headset.
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  20. Just write up the road name and distance to the next major turn and leave it laminated on the tank/ tank bag.
    Distances are easy to find using Google maps.
    Reset the odo at each major turn so you don't need a running total.
    You'll always have your phone as a back up when you get worried your heading the wrong way.
    I've done it a few times and it's always easier/ more fun following your own directions than relying on a GPS.