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Best way to listen to music while riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Minority153, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Hiya,

    I know there's a lot of other similar discussion on netrider, but they all seem to boil down to ear plugs, noise isolation, etc.

    1) I was just wondering what methods people use for listening to music while riding?
    I heard ear plugs can be uncomfortable. And what they've found to be the best method?

    2) I've also heard that you can buy special helmets that allow you to listen to music, anyone know of any and the average cost?

    3) has anyone bought any of the devices that they list on ebay to supposedly listen to music? Could you provide a mini review?

    I love my music, and honestly, I think for me it'll make riding that much more enjoyable, admit it, we all want to have cool music playing in the background when we feel at our coolest.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Semi-serious newcomer answer: Vary the throttle and change gears for unique, custom-made music
  3. Hi Minority153, i have been against music and riding for most of my riding life, but with a recent trip that involved hours on the Hume and needing some navigation in Victoria i decided a headset was in order, after trawling the net i settled on the HBC200 from Uclear, the advantage of no boom mic in the way swayed it for me, the ear pieces that also contain microphones fit right into the inserts in my helmet (Bell Star) so took five minutes all up to install. Sound quality whilst sitting on the highway was quite good, don't expect big bass quality but they are loud enough and suffice for highway riding, I used my phone for music and Google Maps in Victoria and found it invaluable, voice instructions were clear at 120km/h, I haven't used the phone through it as yet but there are clips on You Tube reviewing this, I will only use it for long trips but it is a handy tool and i can recommend the UClear HBC200
    Ride On :headphone:
  4. Thanks brew
  5. I use a Sena Bluetooth headset that is connected to my smart phone. It's a popular brand, so it's not unusual for others in a ride group to have the same brand; then you can pair the headset to enable you to talk to other riders.

    When my wife is on pillion, we chat on our headsets and share music.
  6. If you are a new rider, then you should forget about any unnecessary distractions for at least 3 to 6 months or even more. Music included. Even then, it will come down to personal preference, as to whether you go wireless rechargeable bluetooth units ala Sena, or wired headphones. I'm pretty sure the wired ones would have better sound, but wires are a pain in the arse for me, so I chose Sena.
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  7. Mate invest in a quality Bluetooth set up. One that gives you FM radio, access to SatNavs, your smart phone etc. that way you have a choice of radio stations or your own tunes
  8. As Gooza said you'd best avoid listening to music until you've got a bit of experience and not thinking about indicating, changing gears etc.

    I use either an old MP3 player or my android phone (depending on which one has the most electricity) with in-ear ear phones - works well.
  9. Sena 20s round town, Phone with sports earplugs from jb hifi for long trips (cuts wind noise)