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Best way to get from Cranbourne to Swinburne uni Prahran

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Does anyone know the best route to take to get to Swinburne uni at Prahran coming from Cranbourne way during morning peak hour?

    On paper it looks like I should go up the Princes Hwy/Dandenong rd and then turn right at say William st and then left at High st.

    On whereis it says to take the Monash - then right at Warrigal rd - left at Waverley rd - follow through till Orrong rd where I turn right - then left at High st.

    It also gave me the option of following the Monash - turn off at Punt rd - left at Grevillia and then around to Thomas Pl (at uni).

    I was just wondering if anyone knows which route is best, or another better way to go, remembering it'll be during morning peak hr traffic and some afternoons in peak hr as well.

    Thoughts appreciated. :)

    PS...I'm yet to lane-split as it's not really called for on Sth Gippy/PI roads. :)
  2. Rozeeee, you will learn to split!

    Depending on the time, IMO the Monash/Warrigal rd option will treat you the best. You should be able to maintain near highway speeds most of the way to warrigal rd then after you get off, surburban speeds there after. You should be able to avoid splitting on the freeway, but I can't see how you'll avoid it in suburbia... unless you choose not to. :)

    If you follow the monash fwy to punt road... you could be splitting all the way from Warragul road!

  3. you moving house Rosie??

    can't help much as i don't venture out that way much at all.
  4. rosie if you are planning on being on the monash from about 7.45-8.00+ you it's normally near spliting time.....well it looks like it as i pass over it every morning at stud road.....personally i would get off at orrang road.....and cut across through there.....best bit is to get the map out and every week take a different route, noting how wide lanes are for spliting, dangerous intersections (stretches of roads) do you have to cross tram tracks can you get there a different road by crossing fewer (i hate them) how does traffic flow on certain roads.....i know i go one way to work but com ehome another, as it's the quickest (and safest imo) for myself.
  5. I'm getting a prediction of the future... I see YOU Rosie, riding on your motorcycle. You appear to be riding in between the cars as they move on the Monash, and furthermore, splitting such lanes as ye find on Dandenong Road.

    And verily shall there be much rejoicing.
  6. +1 for the freeway option.

    It's main advantage is no traffic lights which you have to stop for whether on 2 or 4 wheels plus the lane splitting option on two wheels on the freeway.

    Is jumping off at Toorak Rd or Burnley any easier (not my area of expertise being born & bred in the west).
  7. Thanks Rob and Stewy. I'll try the Monash - Warrigal rd option first. See how I go.

    pvda - didn't see your post above till just then...I'm not sure about Toorak rd - will have a look at the map. Would you be able to suggest a possible route to me? Also, when my foot was broken I used to get a taxi from Sth Yarra station (is on Toorak rd) to Swinburne. Anyway, the taxi driver used to take me up all these quiet little backroads to the uni (at peak hr) and whilst I can't remember the names of these rds, I do remember which way we went.

    I'm not sure what time I should be getting on the Monash as I've no idea how long it'll take me to get to uni from there. I'll plan to get on the Monash at about 7.30 for the first few days. Should give me time to get there, get changed and get a coffee before class.

    Drew- I'm not moving. I don't need directions from PI to Cranbourne :wink:

    As for splitting - I wont be rushing anything there. No doubt one day I'll be sitting there surrounded by a hundred cars all going nowhere slowly and I'll break and say 'Aw...f#@! this...and split'. I'm also worried about cars running up my rear, so yeah, more incentive to learn the 'art'. :wink:
  8. Hey Loz! HOw old am I in the vision? Are we talking weeks older or years older because I much prefer weeks. ;)
  9. i would take the princes hwy, and turn right in the heart of Mogo ;)
  10. R,
    Bring your Melways on Sunday and I can point out the backstreets of Prahran and South Yarra to you. I've spent some time funking around there. :wink:
  11. Will do G :grin:

    lol Joel. Might take me a while to get there - nxt free wknd I shall do it!
  12. Rosie, my advice would be stick to the larger roads when travelling East - West, and only use smaller roads North - South, so the freeway and Warrigal sounds like a good idea.

    East - West roads have tram tracks on them, and carry more traffic trying to get to the city. For example, High Street is quiet narrow in parts, the trams tracks aren't always level with the road surface (although much better than they used to be) and there is much lane hopping as people try to get around trams, and postion themselves for right or left turns.

    Toorak road is a little wider, but has far more toorak tractors taking kids to school, pulling over suddenly to look in a shop window, or stop to chat with a friend in a cafe. (I'm serious.)

    Never, ever ever pass any vehicle on the left side, between the curb and the vehicle on those roads. Also, be prepared to do an emergency stop behind left turning vehicles that stop to give way to pedestrians, or get really good at emergency counter steering.

    You should find back streets of Prahran a good option, as the speed humps and other council installed obstacles that keep the cages out don't bother us lot. :grin: . . . Oh, I see G has stepped in to help there. :cool:
  13. Why? The reason I ask is because the other day I was crossing High st (standing in the middle of the rd, not at a pedestrian crossing) with a bunch of other students and the oncoming 4wd slowed to let us cross. I heard the motorbike so stopped, but a girl stepped right in front of its path (it was doing what you just told me not to do). No collision, but damn it was close.
  14. One of the few times I bounced off a car in Melbourne traffic in my younger days was when I was splitting traffic down Sydney road, and split to the left of the vehicle in the left lane. There was plenty of space, traffic was only just starting to move, and no-one was turning left, so that's where I went. Just as I got next to a car, it put on its left indicator and immediately turned left into the slip lane to Brunswick Road, right into the side of me.

    He head checked after turning, so saw me and turned back, but not before we made contact, and he sent me shooting off at an angle which meant I only just managed to dodge the traffic island, and sailed across the intersection trying to keep the bike upright.

    That was when I was living in Brunswick and riding to RMIT in the city. Later, I lived in Armadale and still rode to RMIT, usually via High St. Both routes were an exercise in survival, and would be worse now, although maybe Citylink has improved High St.

    I learned from that event that people, (drivers, riders and pedestrians) don't expect to see a vehicle to the left of a car in the left lane, so they don't look for them, and that can get you undone. I will happliy sit behind a car in traffic if I can't split between cars, rather than pass on the left.

    Oh, BTW, I didn't think I would start filtering or splitting in traffic when I got back on a bike last year, because of the risk. It took all of two days to blow that idea. Just never to the left of the left vehicle.
  15. In response to your pedestrian story, which is also a good warning to readers: Pedestrians crossing roads / train tracks are often like sheep. They just follow the leader with their brains turned off, like this girl;

    Congratulations on not being one of the sheep Rosie. :cool: Sorry for the graphic inllustration. I just found that movie reminded me even more to keep my brain turned on, and think for myself, all the time.
  16. Ouch. Too easy!

    Thanks for your thoughts Roderick.
  17. fastest way prob. monash freeway, exit at hoddle/punt rd, then straight to high st
  18. Ta abvc. I'll give that way a try as well.
  19. Rozzeeeee, you'll have to split if you do this route!

    As far as splitting goes, it's pretty advanced and can leave you strung out from the high concentration levels required.

    Frankly though, it'd be my choice if you were comfy splitting, but I still reckon the warrigul rd option will treat you the nicest.

    Work your way up to it. :)
  20. Thanks Rob. Warrigal rd - Waverley rd way it is. :) Until I'm comfy splitting anyway. :wink: