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Best way to convert/transfer VHS to DVD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've got many old VHS tapes that aren't available on DVD that I want to convert/transfer to DVD.

    I'm pretty good on the computer so should be able to transfer, edit and then author to DVD.

    Been doing a bit of googling but a lot of results are over a year old on whirlpool forums etc. They mention the DTV2000H tv tuner/capture card a lot, would this be the best thing to get or is there something newer/better/easier to use than the DTV2000H card?

    Azz :cool:
  2. I think any good quality card will do a pretty good job. Check some reviews before you purchase. Make sure the software you get has all the features you may need. I use pinnacle studio, very happy with it.
  3. +1

    PS is just so easy to use.

    I'd be happier with it if it remembered that I actually paid for the software and I hold a valid licence.

    I can't add any transitions to the silly thing :(
  4. If you're not interested in a TV Tuner and just want to record from our VCR, go to your local computer fair or shop and have a look for a USB Video Capture device. I've got a USB TV Tuner, and there's another model available that doesn't have a tuner but RCA inputs instead. Should only be $50-60.
  5. You just missed out. Aldi recently was selling USB video-PC devices for 60 bucks which apparently work quite well. You can usually pick up similar devices from computer places for a lot less than the price of a TV-tuner card with video input and being USB they're a lot easier to set up and use.
  6. I was looking for the USB Tuners for ages in shops, and could never find them.
  7. Aldi was selling USB TV tuners as well, also for 60 bucks. I bought one and it works well, although the software it comes with won't let you record video in a compressed format. So I either need to find better software or buy another harddrive (though I need a new drive anyway).
    The USB video-DVD they were selling has a similar problem - but again it's probably something that could be fixed with the right software.
  8. Is yours a WandTV and the software BlazeDTV? That's what mine is. It records in full quality MPEG2, which is a bit annoying as I watch videos off my PC through my 360, and it won't play the MPEG2s.
  9. It's labelled as the Aldi Tevion brand but Windoze ids it as an AF9015. Software bundled with it is Total Media 3 which only records in a non-compressed format, so 1 minute = roughly 1 Gig :shock:. Other than that the software is quite good so I'm hoping there's an update (haven't looked yet), otherwise I'll just "acquire" some other program.
  10. Hey AZZ
    If all you want, is to transfer VHS to DVD, I have an old winfast TV2000 analogue tuner cap card if'n you want it.
  11. Christ! That's insane! Mine does about 2 gig an hour. It's DVD format pretty much. Mine device is an AF9015 device as well, so maybe give BlazeDTV a go.
  12. that's it, only want to transfer my old sports videos from VHS to DVD. Would b awesome if you're not using it? Got a fair few tapes that I need 2 transfer from VHS to DVD and my local video shop charge $25 per tape so thought I'd just do it myself :)
  13. Might pop it up on the weekend if you like.
    Will ring first though.
  14. Whoops, just checked again and it's actually 100mb/0.1G per minute :oops: . It's estimated time is a bit iffy since I think it needs a bit of space to play with which I don't have much of at the moment. Plus I think it's giving hours:minutes not the minutes:seconds I thought it was.
  15. Thanks that would be awesome! Definitely call first so I make sure I'm home, will b home more Saturday during the day than any other time this weekend as it's Jadey's bday :) if not this weekend then can organise 2 catch up soon. Thanks again for the offer, greatly appreciated! :grin:
  16. How did it go??
    All working, do what you wanted?
    Just wondering.
  17. Unless you have a whole bunch of tapes to do wouldn't it be just cheaper to have it done by a shop that does this stuff? There is one near me in Bendigo so the big centres should have more.
  18. We used to do this for the 80-90 videos we are putting over to dvd, in the end it was cheaper and easier to buy a dvd recorder and do them ourselves. Pretty easy job to put them across, cut ads etc and then organise onto a dvd.