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Best way to commute clothes for work???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bluespawn, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I was just wondering, I'm looking to commute to work every day, and need to wear shirt and tie etc. I don't really thing it's going to go under my gear to well and wanted some suggestions as to what other commuters do.

    I'm on a gpx250, so not sure what is the best way to attach something to it. Or should I just buy a waterproof backpack to fold my clothes into?

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.
  2. I wear leathers without any difficulty (30 min commute) - my work shoes go into a backpack. Nothing wrong with putting your gear into a backpack as you say, or even keep a change of clothes at work - not the easiest of options but that might be ok.
  3. I bought Cordura gear especially for this. The jacket without the inside lining is perfect for going over a work shirt. Just put your tie in your pocket, and the Cordura pants without the inside lining goes over my work pants great. I ride daily and have had no problems with this so far.

    Just put your shoes in your backpack as ezyryder said.
  4. I have a pair of trousers and couple of ties in the office. Just in case I need to see a client.
  5. What i usually do is pack all my gear in a gym bag, and wear that around my back (as opposed to strapping it on something). I spray this bag with a waterproofer once a month, or if i know it's going to rain. One can of this stuff will set you back around 12 or so bux.

    I usually wear my draggins whilst riding, so i've got my work pants in the gym bag. I get to the city fairly early and then hit the gym (f/first). They have ironing facilities, so that's where i iron my shirt and get dressed.

    as for the suit jacket, i always leave that at work. If i do decide to take it home with me, i usuually wear that under my leather jacket. The only bad thing about this is, the sleeves on the suit jacket usually gets crumpled/pulled up (so it looks like a short sleeve shirt).
  6. Shirt & tie don't get crushed under jacket.

    Leave Pants & shoes at work. Change into them when you get in.

    What I do.
  7. Thx for all your suggestions guys, I'll think about them and work out the best soln.
  8. Whenever I've ridden to work [not in the rain], I just wear jacket over shirt & tie.

    I bought a pair of really awesome pants from Jay Jay's, they are a cross between trousers and jeans but don't have different colour stitching - so they look like trousers, but feel more like jeans [obviously are warmer while still breathing, no static build up as they are a denim, and long leg length to cover ankles while riding].

    They were $29... after the 1st pair, I went back and bought 3 more.

    I also spent the extra cash on a new leather version of Rockporte's "Day Walker" shoes. They are a hiking show, so good leather, solid construction, big grippy soles - but look classy enough [not formal, but 'nice'] to go with black pants, shirt & tie.

    I would just get to work, leave my helmet and jacket on my desk. Gloves in the drawer. No back-pack or anything, ready to rock n roll when I arrive.
  9. Pants don't get crushed as well.. I usually wear my long sleeves shirt, tie and pants under my riding gear. 30 mins to work and I have my jacket and my shoes at work ready to change over.
  10. It's been mentioned before with people doing this that they roll their clothes when they pack it into a bag/pack and the clothes don't get creases and therefore don't need to be ironed (again) before work. Hope that helps as well :)
  11. Buy a dark coloured woollen 3 piece suit.

    You can leave the jacket at work and the suit vest keeps you warm and your tie in place on the commute. Wearing the tie keeps out neck draughts down my leather jacket btw.

    I only travel 8km each way so unless it is raining and I wear Dri-rider pants over the top often the suit pants and/or long johns are all I wear. I also just wear my office shoes/boots on the bike.

    Safety level is a personal compromise but this works well for me on this short trip and has for many years.


    Oh a word on the long johns. A while ago my Draggin' Cargo's called it a day so I had all the expensive kevlar layers ripped out and sewn into a pair of long johns. Now I can wear these under any old pair of pants.
  12. Well I guess it depends on the sort of pants you wear at work cause my suit pants do get crumpled and crushed if I wear anything over the top. So I tend to leave suit at work and change into it if/when needed. The rest of the time I were draggin chino’s with a business shirt.
  13. I have a Ventura sack that I take with me wherever I go. I just put my stuff in that each day.
  14. Leave suit, shoes and ties at work. Fresh shirt rolled up put in plastic bag. Get to work and change, some gel for the rockstar look and off you go.

    Put any clothes you carry in a plastic bag, otherwise you smell like exhaust fumes.

    In summer same deal but have a shower at work, you sweat like a pig when at the lights etc.
  15. Good to hear, that's my plan once I start commuting on my bike (my housemate works at the same office so gotta wait until both of us are comfortable with the idea of me commuting with a pillion :p). It'll stop my shoes from getting so scuffed up on the trek from the carpark next suburb over to the office too ;)
  16. I leave my jacket and shoes at work. Summer usually isnt a problem because i just wear a shirt and trousers. Winter i always keep a spare pair of socks and jocks in the draw.

    I wear my shirt, tie and pants under my gear so when i get to work i just pull of my bike gear and put my shoes on. Dont really give a rats ass if my shirt gets a bit wrinkled under the jacket.
  17. If you have a locker or similar at work, you can leave your work clothes there. I find if you roll ironed shirts gently for transport in a gearsack etc, a day on a hangar will sort them out, so I take tomorrow's shirt in today. I wear the same shoes at work most of the time, so they usually stay there.

    A bit of planning (and sometimes a larger load on a Monday) means that the work clothes can always look OK and you can wear the approporiate stuff on the bike.

    Having somewhere to hang all the wet bike gear on a soggy day is useful too - its a real PITA if you have to leave it around your desk!

  18. I had exactly the same question when I first started riding into work and I tried the following:

    1. Taking 5 ironed shirts to work on the weekend and then wearing them and taking them all home on Friday. Left suit and shoes at work - hated it

    2. Leave suit and shoes at work, wear jeans and shirt to work. Tie, computer. etc in backpack or in Ventura pack. Worked a charm

    Only thing I would say, shirt is OK but be careful when putting your jacket on - that way you keep the creases out! Take a spare pair of socks to work. Oh - and if your jacket or pants leak - the hand dryer at work is your friend.

    My advice - try a few different things and see what works for you.

    And now for a funny thing that happened to me due to have to getting changed at work - i usually just got changed in my office before most people are at work - but one day I happened to look out the window and noticed a sign being waved in the window from the building across the courtyard about 10 m away - there was a woman with a sign that read "Take it all off!". I had spent so much time worrying about someone at work walking in on me - forgot to look outside!! Next day I got changed and saw her watching again - held up my sign this time which said "Only after you do!"

    Made me laugh anyway...........