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Best way to clean & lubricate chain on cruiser

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by HB, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Any tips on how to clean & lubricate a chain on a cruiser. Also need some way of being able to spin tyres to check tread.

    There isn't a centre stand and none of the rear wheel brace things that lift back wheels off ground are suitable.

    Looks like only option is having to do chain in sections and wheel the bike backwards & forwards.

    Does anyone know of anything on the market that I could use.

  2. If a normal stand will work try something like


    I don't know if it would work on a cruiser but I put wood under the side stand then use a car jack to on the swingarm to push the bike back over and lifts the rear wheel.
  3. It is not hard to push your bike forward or backward a little bit. Harden up , mate.
  4. Yup, I do this on my GS as I also dont have a centre stand. Works fine to clean, lube and tighten chain.

    Put your side stand down.
    Then put the jack wound up under the swing arm, about 2 inches from touching it.
    Then go round to your side stand, and place a thick piece of wood (about 1-2inches) under the side stand so that the swing arm is almost touching the jack on the other side.
    Just hold the bike in place, and pump the jack up until the rear wheel lifts off the ground.
    If youre doing it for the first time, dont let go off the bike until you know when its balanced.
  5. and put a rag on the jack head as not to damage your bike.
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    If you can get the wheel off the ground , buy a Kettenmax chain cleaner.
    Easy to use, it has two blocks that rap around the chain , and the toothbrushes inside do there work cleaning whilst you rotate chain through the block.
    Youtube clip of it in action here [media=youtube]Gkyaoek9rGI[/media]
  7. Thanks for the constructive replies, the smart ones can go amuse themselves!!!

    That Kettenmax chain cleaner looks like a lot of set up but would probably do the job.

    I had thought of using a car jack but was a bit worried about the bike falling off. Suppose I don't really need it off the ground much, just enough to enable the wheel to spin. Will give it a try this weekend.

    Thanks again.
  8. Not much of a setup at all , very quick to use, once you have the brush length correct.
    Then its just a matter of attaching to chain and spin.
  9. ive wanted one for a while but never got off my butt to get one. two toothbrushes taped to a piece of wood for now

  10. Works a treat everytime!
  11. chain clean

    Try this !!! Depending on chain condition
    0. Go on ride reason being it will heat up the chain and is
    easy to clean.
    1. old tooth brush can be very handy.
    2. Small old bowl with bit of petrol.
    3. Put Bike on back stand place the bowl near the rear sprocket
    dip your old tooth brush in petrol apply on chain while gentle
    rotating wheel.
    4. wip it off with peace of cloth watch your fingers.
    5. wait for ten minute apply some chain protection.

  12. get a cruiser with a belt :LOL:

    kero/petrol, someones old toothbrush (or someone you dont like) little dish rag + elbow grease.

    slide a piece of cardboard between the wheel and chain. stops flicking crap onto your wheel.

    OH and do it somnewhere with ventaliation....i got high in my garage because i closed the door cuz of the F*&^EN mozzies
  13. Good Idea :p
  14. i performed a clean and lube last night.
    anyone want to learn the bestest way ever drop over some time..
  15. Re: chain clean

    What back stand - whole point of the question - Cruiser doesn't have centre stand & the rear stands you can get aren't suitable for cruiser.
  16. That was solved by this:

    Or a car jack and a couple of blocks of wood
  17. Keep your chain clean and give it a light lube..

    Dont smother it with lube and then let it build up with shit.

    Trust me this is the best way to keep your chain and sprockets in good condition and lasting longer.