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Best way to carry some luggage...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mik84, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone, had my L's for a couple of months now and lovin it. Just need to find more time to get out more and practice.

    I have a zzr-250 and was wondering what is the best way to carry extra stuff with ya. Ive seen the racks that attach to the back of the bike and am curious as to how much they are worth and if you need a special bag to go with the rack or just any bag can attach to it. Any help and info is greatly appreciated...

  2. Welcome to the forums Mik

    Go to any bike shop and you will find the prices vary depending on what you are after. For and idea on prices check out
    or search in Ebay under motorbike accessories.
  3. The racks can cost a bit of money - about $170 for one fitted for your bike if you go for a brand name (e.g. ventura - see http://www.mcas.com.au/products.php?p=54 - need a bracket and a pack frame), plus then you have to buy a bag worth at least $100 . You can sometimes pick up a rack that will fit your bike MUCH cheaper at wreckers as well (or on ebay).

    In my opinion one of the easiest / most convenient way to carry luggage (and cheapest) is a tank bag - http://www.mcas.com.au/products.php?p=53. You can pick up a magnetic one for about $100, that is easy to put on / pull off your bike and will move with you as you change bikes. You can often find these on ebay or second hand (even through netriders) much cheaper (here's one from glitch_oz: http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/glitch1/Sale/page5.html)

    Note: I have never bought from the store I used in my links above - I provided these links as this shop had everything I was referring to....
  4. bags, racks... pffft

    shoulda bought an Across.... problem solved :wink:
  5. Whats my excuse then? I ride an Across, have a rack, HUGE bag and now I am looking into getting a tank bag.
    Maybe its just cause I'm female and carry alot of crap :oops:
  6. buying an across solves one problem, causes many others... :)
  7. I went to New World Honda in Berwick.
    They've got these groovy little tank bags for $60 (I managed to talk Sam the Sales Assistant down to $45). It sits very nicely on my CB250 tank. I can get house keys, gloves, mobile phone, wallet, disc lock, glasses, contact lenses, and a book if I want to read at lunchtime at work. Made by Oxford, good quality, also comes with full waterproof cover. Bought a Scott (USA) back pack from same place RRP $130 but again talked down to $90. I've got a Ventura rack but don't like it, thinking of taking it off. Oxford sell a nice bag that then straps across pillion if you don't want to carry a passenger
  8. Look around for a second hand ventura rack. I picked mine up from vic motorcycle wreckers for $65. Then you can cut mount part of the rack till your left with just the 'grill' bit. Then you can buy a box with a universal mount and fit it on the ventura rack.

    Be careful on how much you put in it. I've sheared one of the bolts because I kept carrying heavy books and stuff. And it's was a major pain to get that shorn bolt out.
  9. Woah! Boot + Rack + Bag....You might need a side car, or a trailer!!

    Years ago I had an old SR250 that had a basic square section rack on the back, I used the good old occy strap to secure a milk crate to it and used that for the loose items. I swapped the crate for a bag as required.

    Aesthetics played second fiddle to function :?

  10. I've tried riding with a backpack on but found that it is too restrictive and kind of messes with handling especially if you are carrying a fair amount of weight. At the moment I'm running a Ventura Rally Bag on a custom built rack which came with the bike. The advantage of this is that it is more than big enough to fit my helmet, gloves etc. whilst parked and once riding you barely even notice it's there. I avoided getting a tankbag since this would have prevented me ducking down behind my bugscreen when travelling at highway speeds.
  11. Magnetic Tank Bags are easy to put on and easy to get off but if you aren't careful you can end up getting dust and grit between the base of the bag and the tank and scratching the tank.

    Bagster Tank Bags and similar strap on bags are possibly less likely to cause this, but the mounting is harder to get on and off so people tend to be less often cleaning them, so lots of people end up with scratched tanks with these as well.

    Seat bags (they sit on the pillion seat) are a good option on some bikes although if you aren't careful with these you can end up with scratched duck tail sides from the stretchy mounting clips.

    Soft panniers take lots of gear (more than a tank bag or seat bag, and often more than a large rack mounted bag) and they don't require permanent mounting. Some bikes with high mount exhausts will not be able to use them, although there are sports bike panniers (with angled bases) to keep them clear of hot exhausts. They can also cause scratching to the side of ducktails if not carefully used.

    Rear racks such as ventura make require fitting brackets (and a top loop) to the bike, although in most cases the mounting involves only removing the seat, sometimes the ducktail and the grab rails and screwing them into existing holes.

    These are the most versatile in my opinion, you don't lose your pillion seat, you are not pulling them on and off at fuel stops, you don't have the issue of them getting in the way of the rider.

    The down side is that a rack and bag kit tends to be more expensive, and some people don't like having a permanently mounted rack on thier sports bikes.

    One option is to have a low loop for normal use and a high loop and bag for long trips. Or just remove the high loop and leave the brackets.
  12. I've got some Hustler soft panniers and they are brilliant (as well as a DriRider bag & rack)

    I highly recommend the Hustlers as they are easy to fit & remove (only a couple of mins) and have a great storage capacity.

    You can fit a slab in each pannier bag :D
  13. I've just bought some MotoLine soft panniers for mine as well as also owning an oxford expanding tankbag, a ventura rack and bag, a groovy DUCATI backpack :wink: and a fantastic DUCATI bumbag :wink: :p !! I look pretty funny when going on a big trip or taking pillion with a full load....but I have enough storage options to cover everything from a cruise to an extended journey on the bike!

    :D :D :D
  14. Does anyone run a GIVI topbox? Where's the best place to get one in Melbourne?

    I currently run a oxford pillion bag than nodz mentined. Handy little sucker and it unzips to take a jumper and shoes for an overnight stay. Just not big enuf for more than that.

  15. that is NOT a good enough excuse to buy one :LOL:
  16. You could learn to travel light, it's not too difficult to fit a pair of jocks and a tooth brush under the seat. :p
  17. true... it is only one of the lesser superiorities of the Across, but it relates to this topic :wink:

    Now where's my medication?..
    OI! you kid's been selling my pills at school again?

    Tell the bloody teacher to get his own...
  18. Could someone please direct me to a link or tell me what is wrong with an 'Across' ?
    Are they unreliable or are they just seen as a bit of girls bike ?
    Do they come in blue? (and I don't mean that Teal color), I want it to match my gloves and helmet :)
  19. there is nothing wrong with an across really - they are decent 250's. The putting down of the across is done in jest (most of it anyways...).

    Reliability - they are quite reliable from what I have been told
    Girlie - not really. They do have a boot where you can carry lots of stuff (thus the reference to riding handbag) and carrying stuff tends to be stereotyped to females, but not necessary the case.
    Blue - not originally. But you can get them custom painted if you want.
  20. Thanks everyone for their advice