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Best way to avoid tailgater's ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rbarge, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Riding home today and the 4WD behind (city commuting type) me decided to stick his bull car up my arse :evil:, this is one thing I really can't stand because I know if I have to stop in a hurry the thing will mow me down like grass. Whats the best tactic to deal with such drives, speeding up sometime works, but other times you still have the tailgater behind you just going faster, sure I can go allot faster but the traffic cops are probably going to pick on the bike and the road in question is a 80k single track road with lots of blind corners and crests made worse by crap blowing all over the road by the storms we have had in the last few days.

    Maybe I need some James Bond oil slick or something :)

  2. Pull into a side street
  3. What I do:

    * change lanes if possible
    * never speed up, rather slow down and allow for space in front of me to open up so if I do have to do an emergency stop the tailer will have some time as well.
    * split

    Not necessarily in that order, it all depends on the traffic.
  4. Good work Enforcer :grin:

    If they continue to follow you find some traffic lights and split lanes. That gets rid of em :grin:
  5. Cant split/chng lanes.. its a single lane road
    unless U telling him 2 split into on coming traffic
  6. Also make sure you don't ride on the very extreme sides of the lane, i.e. nearly on the lines left or right, as the tailer will move up and force you out of your lane.
  7. Hey im gettin old Kishy and forgot that part :LOL: :LOL: My bad :LOL:
  8. Just slow down gradually until they get the point.
    Lets face it, if they ram you off the road, better it be at 20kmh than 60-80...

    Dont just close the throttle though, sudden changes in speed are going to cause you to have an accident, just gradually slow down. Always works for me, and its a non-aggressive way to get your point across.
  9. One of my pet hates as well

    * Tap the brakes twice to remind the person behind you that you might just have to use them. 9/10 I find people will back off, 1/10 people get pissed off and follow closer.

    * If you want to remain in that lane and have little choice to change then slowing down so the lane isn't as attractive to them and they change also giving you a bigger buffer ahead.

    * If you are able to change lanes then do so and let them get away from you.
  10. Sometimes you have to not look back :rofl:
  11. ditto - good advice.
    Had a bit of a scare turning from a sidestreet where I took a slow right turn as was lots if loose gravel & (unbeknown to me) the van behind me pulled out at a much faster pace (impatient so&so) ..... probably was best I didn't know he was right up my 'bum' or I might have over reacted in the gravel!
  12. hehe.. yeh I knew U did bro :LOL:

    Me had to re-read just to make sure I read it right the first time :p
  13. Slowing down is one thing I wont do. [-X

    Would rather blow the w****r away for good using a good twist of my right hand
  14. I slow off sometimes they get the message, sometimes I get down to really low speed before showing them just how hard i can accelerate.

    Boom I'm outa there
  15. Got to be careful slowing down lot of angry people out there.

    Just pass to the car infront after you give the guy the finger. :twisted:
  16. In that case you'll be explaining to the cop at the end of the eastern fwy why you were doing 30km/h over the limit, just like I was. He was nice enough to knock it down so I kept my license but it was a close call and my back pocket was significantly lighter as well as 3 demerit points less. Not worth it.

    Also you are running the risk of speeding up and they continuing to tailgate (after catching up again), and you then have a higher risk of needed to throw on your brakes harder to avoid an accident since you are moving much faster than those around you. By speeding up you are actually increasing the risk you are in.
  17. Meh, 10km/h below seems to fix the problem. Most people will back off then, and the diehards will overtake. As others have said, also gives you better stopping distance. Win-win-win!

    At HART they actually suggest you slow down if you're being tailgated: your attention is behind you, not in front of you, and therefore you need to allow a greater stopping distance between you and the car in front.
  18. Someone I knew rigged up their window washers so that they were attached to the rear bumper (obviously on a car). If they were being tailgated they'd just "water" the windscreen!

    You don't need those things if you carry your own sponge.
  19. Are you wearing an L or P plate? I reckon they are magnets for idiots, i dont wear my L and i wont be either, i reckon it increases my safety by miles.

    As everyone says, take evasive action get out of thier way and let them win...
  20. I dont stop for the Police Matt. Did that once one my learners.
    Neva again.

    They've tried to get me 3 times on a one month period & didnt even come
    close to catching me.

    That has never happened to me B4. Once I've left no cager has been
    able to get close to me again.

    Taping the brakes on me bike does not work. Drivers often take no
    notice since the rears are on already on to begin with.

    I'm not advocating others to follow suit. I'm simply advising what I do
    to avoid someone tailgating me & I dont want em there.