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Best way from Melbourne to Daylesford

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lil, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I have never been to Daylesford and thought it might be a fun trip for me to do (i.e. not too far from home for my first little explore on my own :oops: ).

    Any tips on good roads to take? The maps don't show any really exciting roads :? .....

    :D :D :D
  2. On a mortorbike lil! :D

    You could try detouring via Mt Macedon or take one of the roads through the Wombat State forrest. Perhaps via Dales Creek, Blackwood & Trentham.

    If you're going tomorrow, give us a report on the fun factor as I have to go to Bendigo to look at a bike on Wednesday.
  3. OH DUH!!!! :roll:

    Of course I'm going on a bike :p .Looked to me as though the Trentham area was about the only way with any sort of fun stuff (bit hard to tell though).

    :D :D :D
  4. Two choices- both have boring bits at the start.
    1. Western hwy. take exit for Greendale, Blackwood, Trentham, then left to Dalesford
    2. Calder hwy to Woodend. turn left for Tylden, Trentham + Dalesford.
    #1 has a more boring start, but some good winding roads through hills to get to Trentham.
    #2 is a bit less boring at the start, and has more open sweepers and less tight corners than #1.
    I'd make a choice based on where you are starting from.
  5. nice

    :D spot on
  6. Take your pick and go to Daylesford one way and back the other, that way you get the best of both worlds :applause:

    If you're coming home via the Calder it's an easier run into town on the Tulla (no traffic lights) and you can detour over Mt Macedon as suggested previously but watch out for tree hugging greenies in their gas guzzling 4x4's who think they own the roads in that part of the world :roll:
  7. LIL
    up hoddle st , into high st
    head north right through , past epping
    follow epping rd ( high st but changes its name after it leaves epping)
    past wallen , to wondong (fill up there , cheap fuel)
    then under the hume till you hit a T intersection , turn right go into kilmore , stop at the kilmore bakery at the top end of town , on the right great pies etc .
    then head out take the turn off to lancefiield then through to wood end.
    wood end to tylden, trantham and then daylesford.

    long sweeping bends , a few straights to give it a burst , 100 k's all the way , some smaller tighter bend , less cars and not as boring as the freeway .

    any other tips ,
    stay upright
    watch for coppers
    and the other is too rude to put on here :wink: :LOL:
  8. Bastard, now I'm hungry :evil:

    Great bakery though.
  9. i know what you mean
    my mouth was watering just thinking about them
    also if you are going to stay with someone grab the bread rolls , soft roundish square ones , make great sald or steak sandwichs .
    if i wasnt so tired i would go for a ride up their now just to get some :)
  10. YUMMMM, Kilmore Bakery!!!

    Took my son out there to do some photography earlier on this year and we stopped there for lunch, they make the NICEST stuff!!!

    Was worth the drive out there for a few photos and the pies!
  11. Yeah, what he said, or alternatively take a left in Wallan to Romsey, then Woodend (detour to Mt Macedon if you like), Trentham (good pub), and Daylesford.
  12. er.. not any more.

    Unfortunately it burned down earlier this year.

    Was a great restaurant and an excellenr B & B.

    The ex-pub, now a guest house up the road (forget the name, has big cyprus trees out back) serves most excellent coffee, in a comfortable lounge.

  13. What he said! Plus to avoid the Northern, you can turn right a Km or two after you go under the hume. That takes you via Kilmore east and comes out at the bakery. :D A nice quiet rode, not 100 kph though. :cry:
  14. Directions as per groberts03, straight ahead until you pass the souvlaki joint, turn left at the coffee shop and take next right at the bakery, after you've passed the chinese take-away hang a left and the pie shop is on your right. :p ...hmmmm .. beef 'n' burgundy pie with worcester sauce and black pepper, just figured out what I'm doin for lunch.
  15. You really want to make it interesting? Here's one for you.

    Western Hwy to Hopkins Rd t/off, turn left. About 500m up road, cross rail line then turn right. Continue along, there's a couple of intersections along the way heading to Melton then Bacchus Marsh, don't take them, head more or less straight. Cross the Bacchus Marsh Geelong road, you should be at Rowsley heading for Glenmore (these are localities, not towns). Along the Glenmore road and eventually climb out the end of the valley.

    Continue along until you reach the Ballan Rd, then turn right in Ballan and head for Greendale. The road via Blackwood is not really a scratchers paradise, bit rough in a few spots, but the climb out of Blackwood to Trentham can be very rewarding if you get it right.

    Trentham has a great German bakery in town, just to the right as you reach the T intersection. Nice coffee, very interesting cakes (Moike, take note). The run to Daylesford is particularly nice, but always seems to have traffic......you've made it to Daylesford with bugger all freeway involved. There's supposedly a m/c friendly cafe in town, but I've never managed to find it.

    I wrote this without looking at the map, so check it first. Enjoy

  16. i just love the big turn off the freeway to get on to the bolte bridge.... that is shicccccccccccccck! get the pegs scrapping knees dragging