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Best VMAX in world ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Takamii, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Me likey very much long time

  2. loving the clear covers
  3. why even ****ing bother to have a helmet on your bike if you dont wear it.
  4. love how you see the oil come out through those clear covers, but i just dont get extended swingarms...not my thing
  5. The air intakes look blocked.
  6. hypercharger mate. Is that an old R1 rear end?

    Speaking of crazy modded, I do like the boss hosses
  7. Nice color, WHAT is that bracket that goes UNDER the chain from left to right? I am thinking it is a swingarm brace? What would happen if he hits a dip in the road? chance of a flip?
  8. Love the clear covers, but they would get filthy after a while wouldn't they?
  9. Americans are f@cking dumb as dogsh!t. So much of this Style Over Substance crap:
    - Bike's so lowered that it's got almost no clearance.
    - Brace UNDER the tyre
    - Helmet sitting pretty while his bald noggin rides away
    - BLUE frame!
  10. nice helmet