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Best virus protection software?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doyle, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Looking for the latest thinking on what is the best virus protection software.

    Been using Nortons for a few years, and update is almost due. No real problems with Nortons 360, but noticed it is a bit "complex" to use. :? Also read somewhere that it can slow down your PC somewhat.

  2. Get a Mac :p

    I've used VET for the last 15 years and it's only missed one virus.
    It's now known as etrust or someshit. www.ca.com
  3. AVG is a good free antivirus program.

    Zonealarm Pro Suite comes with firewall, anti-spyware, virus protection, and everything bundled - if you feel the need to buy something.
    Zonealarm is a pretty good '1 program to cover everything' option. Auto updates etc.

    I hate Norton. Will never use their software.
  4. I use and trust Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security.
  5. :LOL: Or a Linux, nothing much you need to protect with that O/S :)
    For me, I use Etrust internet security suite & I also installed AVG free edition it's really good. Main thing's that you don't go to questionable sites too often & you'll be fine (most of the times)
  6. +1 Norton sux.
  7. :WStupid:
    Free AVG is best value for money. You can buy the full version for around $100 for two year subscription and contains Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Protection & Firewall.I use the network version at work and can verify that it detects viruses that have sneaked passed another anti virus programe on the email server and a download on the web. There help desk is up to standard as well. :grin:
  8. i use 2 AVG and Avast, they work well together (unlike some virus prot software) auto updated every day and have caught every virus that has tried to get in over the last 2 years
  9. I've used just about all the above except E-Trust.

    AVG free and Avast are excellent, AVG in free mode does require a little due dilligence though such as updates last time i used it.

    Trend Micro another great product, user friendly interface unlike most symantec platforms. I have found symantec to "appear" confusing so if you seek a simplified interface look elsewhere. All my servers at work though are running Symantec because its enterprise platform is better suited to that.

    Yet my PC's at home all use ZoneAlarm security suite. Easy to use all in one protection, IIRC the license was approx $150 for 3 machines for 2yrs ? It's never let me down and the kids can use it for the most part with little or no confusion. Looks after itself, is completely configurable and well supported.

    As an aside kaspersky is another option that performs well in lab tests, but these tests are so thorough they show up holes in all forms of threat protection software. So the choice in my opinion should be based on ease of use, value for money, and what the user can interpret on their screen. The engines themselves in most free editions are excellent so do try AVG et all
  10. I've gone off CA due to the software becoming not so manageable or easy to interact with. We have given Kaspersky a go. So far it looks to be a very easy to use and very polished piece of software. It was rather affordable too.
  11. AVG Free is outstanding, automatic updates, incoming email scanning and quarantining, etc etc.

    And, of course, if there were more than three macs in the world, and 2 computers using linux, the hackers would write viruses for them too, but it's just not worth their time :LOL:.
  12. +1 kaspersky 7
  13. Oh Paul, Paul, Paul you really don't learn do you :p

    On behalf of the Anti Microsoft-fanboi Club I glove slap thee.
  14. Norton is crap, and you will need to do a bit of research in order to uninstall it successfully. It is more complicated than you would think.

    I use NOD32.
  15. Yeah - I've removed Norton from at least 7 PCs for friends... slowed them down horrifically.. a real resource hog

    But Avast is excellent and free.
  16. Funny thing about Norton, though. The NSW Education Department uses Norton Corporate Edition across the whole enterprise on its roll-out computers, and despite the low spec of many of the older machines, it seems not to create the sorts of slow-downs and bottlenecks that it creates on stand-alone and home machines :?
  17. *cough* Symantec Corporate Edition

    Symantec Corp is a very different product to Norton AV. Norton AV, the consumer level product is bloatware and creates more problems than its worth. Why people continue to buy it is beyond me.

    If you can get hold of Symantec Corp via devious means, its a good option. However many of the other free options you can get these days are worthwhile.

    Oh and as far as firewalls go, you can't go past Comodo Firewall Pro - fully featured and free.
  18. I use avast. It is set by default to update every 4 hours which is a real pain as it locks up the computer until it has updated. I have changed the update to once a week instead.

    It is free, but requires you to register once a year to keep using their product.
  19. NOD32, works a treat.
  20. Just an update on Symantec, specifically Norton 360.

    I have used Norton 360 for nearly a year, and hated it. Not enough control for me, controls hard to find, bloatware, slowed the computer every time I started it, insisting on running background scans immediately on start up, or resume, even if I was trying to use the PC. You all get the idea.

    Before 360 I had Norton Internet Security, and before that I tried just about everything, from "high end" products like McAfee, down to freebee applications. So I knew what I was looking for.

    Anyway, about a month ago, 360 tells me there is an update to Norton 360 V2 waiting for me. It was a free update as part of my licence, but wasn't an automatic update, being a completely new install. So I installed it on my desktop and tested.

    No problems. Much better access to controls, and therefore easier to configure. No more problems with the disk thrashing immediately after startup. No more cc*.* programs hogging resources.

    This is good, I thought, but I wonder how it will work on my main PC, the laptop, with all my email applications. (These used to cause all sorts of slowdowns.) So I installed it on my laptop a few days ago. (Norton 360 includes a licence for three PCs.)

    It is like a dream. Norton 360 V2 now works wonderfully. I don't know it is there, except when it asks if if some software is allowed to access the web. The new privacy controls/identity protection are still nagging me to set them up, but that isn't to bad. I'll get around to it, or turn that bit off. Actually the only bad thing is the way it places its toolbar into Internet Explorer and Outlook. It is a bit of a space hog.

    Symantec may actually have listened to complaints, and got it right this time. :shock: :eek:

    So Doyle, if you have 360 V1, before you switch, or run out of licence, see if you can do the free upgrade to V2. You may decide you like it.