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Best Vic LAMS Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Charles Ross, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey All, Just got my L's and now researching bikes. I am 6'2 so not really into a small 250 but I still want as many horsies as I can get. I need it for sunny day commuting (approx 20mins) and fun round town. I was looking at dual purpose bikes (cause their big) i.e Honda Transalp, KLR650 etc but I dont need off road capabilities. So my latest un-educated plan is a 2005 model XT660X supermotard -apparently they are fast, fun and look pretty nice also. Can anyone give me some advice on this...other options etc?
    Much Appreciated

  2. dr400sm without a doubt. im 6"2 ridden one a few times and they are mighty quick little things if ridden properly. nice high seat height, not too cramped. maybe a tiny bit less go as the 660X however they are so much lighter, handle briliantly and not to mention much much cheaper.

    i would be all over them if i was after a new LAMS bike atm.

    Or you could buy my LAMS approved DR800SM ;) which is for sale
  3. Get in touch with Noticibly F.A.T

    - he'll put u straight


    ***and here come the opinions***
  4. GS500

    I am 6 2 also, I ride a Suzuki GS 500, is a nice bike, good amount of power for a learner.


  5. how would a 6'5' go on a cbr 1000?
  6. Isn't that what hes asking for.

    IMO get a Smaller bike and work your way up, nothing like learning on something light and agile before moving up to something heavier to increase your over all skill level.

    You will fit on almost any bike, don't worry if your knees don't fit under the flairs of the tank.

    I'm also 6'2 (but without shoes on Ben) and i fit on a GPX fine, no worries, it looks small under me but i have no issues with control or comfort.

  7. +1 for the 'tard! I'm guessing they will fit the 'fun round town' and they are built strong. Not to mention how cheap it will be if you drop it. :grin:
  8. XT660X yeah!!!
  9. I'm 6'4, 115kg and ride a GSF250 (Bandit) with no problems at all. It still gets along at a decent speed and I am reasonably comfy on it. Maybe have a look at VTR250 and ZZR250 as well.
  10. my 6'5' made the gpx uncomfy as anything for any ride >45 mins

    REALLY made the melb to syd /back trips bad
  11. Thanks for all your advice - I think the Yamaha XT660X is the bike for me. Hey Pezza, send me a message giving me some advice on what to look out for when buying a 660.