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Best value universal bike stands in Oz?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by undii, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of good places (besides the kanegholdings seller on ebay) to get Universal bike stands, front + rear. Going to need it for my upcoming bike that has bobbins/spools. Just seeing if $240ish is the best local price for these (what the ebay guy charges for both)

    Any help is appreciated :grin:
  2. I was just looking at those last night myself, for the same reason. They seem to be pretty good, but the DIY in me wants to get the welder out and make my own coz it's only for home use, I reckon I could make some for less than $50pair.
  3. I like the Anderson stands, cheaper than Sharp stands, seem to be well made and are local too (Oz). You can call them and they'll ship to you as well for a small charge. I found them really helpful. Having said that, they're more than $240 but it's your new pride and joy, so what's a few bucks here and there (relatively speaking!).

  4. BTW, when are we allowed to visit the new arrival?
  5. I'm sure you will hear when I get it :grin: Anytime after that I guess if you want to pop over when I'm home of course *or* if I feel up to it, I may ride to a coffee night, really depends how I feel with my arm I guess? (But it is improving daily! However so slightly) :)
  6. you'd have to be pretty rapt with the 1st placing in Masterbike? What colour is yours?
  7. Getting graphite. Saw one in person last weekend and *drool*. Definitely my favourite stock colour. It's surprisng seeing the 675 winning so much stuff on the track, according to Triumph, it was designed + built purely for road pleasure. And Hmmm, I'd rather it got less publicity with how good it is as if every tom, dick + harry wants/gets one, it's going to lose a lot of it's uniqueness (in my view anyway).

    Spent about $2-$3K on extras at moment, and I haven't even began ordering any carbon fibre love for it yet. hehe
  8. Wazza you do realise this is a mass produced bike don't you?
  9. But there's mass produced and then there's mass produced!
  10. Yup, same as the other triumphs made. But look at the numbers of triumphs vs 'the big 4' (japanese makers) bikes on the road. At moment it is a small percentage, just don't want "weekend warriors" seeing bike it winning (track) tests and deciding to buy it purely for this. Would be nice rocking up to a group ride and one of the only triumh people as opposed to everyone being on one ;) As I originally said anyway, "it's going to lose a lot of it's uniqueness (in my view anyway)." :)
  11. If I had to change my Blade for anything, 6 months ago I would have gone for a CBR600RR (I love them). But now, I'd have to have one the 675's. They look gorgeous and seem to have the performance to back the looks up.

    Last PI Rideday's I did, Steve B had the Triumph press bike there. He was doing 1:48's on stock tyres, no adjustments and with factory fairings etc...So he was taking it easy (compared to his own bikes with tuned suspension and race glass). By any stretch, that's not too shabby. Add their relative rarity, then they're going to be quite a bike.

    Mmm, Triumph went from dead set last in the previous group test to outright winner in one year. That's an improvement!
  12. He later did 1:45's on the SuperBike School's T675. He was doing 1:48's on the 675 that some guy was setting up for racing, so not Steve's bike, hence him taking it a little easier on it.