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Best ute to fit 2 road bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. I was contemplating getting a trailer so we could take our bikes up the coast with us when we are away. I may consider getting a ute instead as i was thinking about buying another car anyway.

    Would a Toyota Hilux (the current shape) fit 2 bit road bikes in the tray without any problems? I saw one on the road today which was a dual cab, it looked awfully small.

    Failing that i guess an XR or SS ute may be the only way to do it comfortably?

    What are you guys using to transport bikes?
  2. Two sporties would be a stretch in an SS gets a bit tight with all those fairings. :LOL:

  3. So in other words the chances of me fitting 2 full fairing road bikes in without bending and stratching is probably bugger all. So i guess a trailer it shall be :wink:
  4. On my Hilux Double cab I can get two trailies but I wouldn't try two sporties. Either way I have to leave the tailgate fully open.

  5. Mines got an R6 hidden behind the Kato, with a rolled up swag in between. You will probably get two sporties in, just make sure theres something between them and get good at tetris .
    Dont forget the wheel wells when measuring up tubs - maybe a flatbed would be better.
    Oh and if you're thinkin 4WD - get a looong ramp and mates.

    Dont forget if your moving bikes - youre probably moving other gear too -helmets, leathers, stands, maybe warmers and tools? These all need to go somewhere too.
  6. Enclosed trailer. Ute's arent so fun. Gear out in the weather, makes me more paranoid about low-lifes when you have to park somewhere or stay at a motel. When you make it to your destination or get home from the track at 3 in the morning it's nice to just leave it all locked up and not have to unload everything waking up the neighbours. You can load up the night before if you have to push off early the next morning.

    ^^ Some of these are moot points of course if you've got a nice big garage to fit your loaded ute into.
  7. Aftermarket extended trays are available in steel or alloy for Hilux, Rodeo, Falcon, Commodore, etc.

    Weight of the bike otherside of the rear axle on an extended tray will be negligible.

    Measure how long your bike is; ring a few dealers and tell them to do some homework for you: you're shopping for a unit with a tray XXXXmm long, and standard width.
  8. the best ute is a cheap one with a long tray. like those super tray couriers and rodeo's, so when you bang them up it dosent matter....then put all the dosh you saved into better bikes for the back.
  9. I used to have a crewman S model and could fit two road bikes in the back with the tail gate down.

    The benefit of a crewman, falcon, commodore ute is that the height of the tailgate is much lower to the ground than some of the 2WD/4WD drive commercial utes. When you are loading a 200 kg plus road on a skinny ramp, trust me the height of the tailgate certainly makes life easier.
  10. If you got a single cab or space cab hilux (in my mind, hilux is the only 4x4 you would want to buy. Just go forever) i'm sure you would fit them fine if it was a dropside steel tray, cause then you won't have wheel wells to worry about.

    But, i'd go for the enclosed trailer!
  11. I've had 2 road bikes in my single cab steel tray utes in the past. My new Triton single cab ute with the aluminium tray probably has room but it's higher off the ground than the previous 2wd Ford Courier was so loading might be an issue.

    It isn't just about length... you've also got to walk them up a ramp to get them up there and a very high ute is a problem.
  12. What about a Mercedes Vito / or VW Transporter....? They can fit two roadies inside, plus gear bags etc. You have the added bonus of not having to worry about people messing with your shit when your on the road.
  13. +1 a mate of mine has a el-cheapo Hiace and altough it can only fit one bike he can store his gear and even sleep in it at a pinch! He can plaster it with stickers and not give a hoot about scratches etc. Oh and it was great when his good mate's Hyosung busted a clutch cable :oops:
  14. Look for something with a tray back, rather than a tub, the tray back you can remove the sides and have a flat tray, although it is higher off the ground, you can easily fit 2 sporties on the back cause the alloy trays are so wide. I know cause we did this on a Commodore ute the other day with flat tray back, had to use 2 ramps though cause one was too steep to get it onto the high tray, and we had a few guys to push up and tie down etc. And of course, a dual cab isn't ideal cause the stupid back seats take up precious tray space. Unless you wanna roll with the tailgate down.
  15. i'd second the advice about the van.

    keeps the bikes protected too! (theft, damage and weather!)
  16. Most small road bikes have to be put in a ute diagonally to close the tailgate.

    Even then, as mentioned above, you'll probably damage your fairings and packing/unpacking the bike won't be easy.

    A bike trailer is definitely your best option, or even get a 7x4 trailer. Mine cost about $450 and a good set of quality ratchet straps will be about $100.

    Definitely the cheapest option and after you learn to reverse it will probably be easiest.
  17. yeah trailer is the only way to go for 2 sports bikes. even if you got a cab chassis style ute, the tray is a fair amount higher than a regular commodore/falcon ute. i reckon it would be near impossible to load and unload bikes by yourself off one of those. even my commo ute is about as high as id want to load a bike by myself, especially a 200kg sportbike.

    2 dirtbikes are fine, but then you dont have to worry about scratching your fairings or having them bump into each other.
  18. ive been trying to figure out the best method of transport for a race bike (cheap race bike however :LOL: ), and i figure for $500 for installation of towbar onto my car, and about $800 for a new easytrailer with the bike rail pieces and that is the cheapest way to do it..

    I'd prefer to buy a van or something to put it into, so that it is covered and out of thieves view etc but obviously not only do you have to find the van and buy it, you have to register it, insure it etc just turns into a chunk of cash that id rather spend on the bike itself
  19. My Brother has a Toyota Landcruiser ute with the extended tray (6inch longer than the chassis i think) its huge, i reckon it could fit a few bikes easily, piss easy to drive, plenty of grunt...

    much like this

  20. You can do it in an SS, I had a VU previously lowered about 5 inches in the rear as it was, made it easier to get the bikes in but it was mighty low with 2 in it. I had my CBR600RR and a mates R1 in there, although we did have to do a bit of fiddling to get them both tied down securely, and it was a right pain in the ass cause everywhere you stop you have to fit everything in the cab, and stress about dickheads fiddling with the bikes.

    Id say go for a van, a couple blokes I know went to PI for a track day, they had a shitty old Hiace but they could fit 2 blokes, 2 bikes, 2 sets of leathers etc etc and still be comfortable, plus the benefit of being able to have the leathers on a hanger upright so they dont get all squashed.