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Best Used sports bike for around $7000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ktime70, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. As the title asks, what is the general consensus on the best sports bike for around $7000, I am off restrictions soon, and have set a budget. Being a fatter guy, about 6 foot tall, I was leaning towards a 05-08 gsxr-1000. I have a soft spot for similarly aged cbr1000rr's. I have been advised (but not tried for myself) that CBR600rr's in my price range won't suit my fat arse, as the ergo's are cramped even for regular size aussies. not sure if it's true or not.

    Interested in handling first and foremost, as I can see anything 600cc and above having enough power to keep me honest. I am a fan of Jap reliability, and I commute about 400km's a week in traffic. Currently on a 1993 cbr250rr that feels like I'm an elephant riding a tricycle due to the ergo's, but have not faulted the bike for anything else. and I am not kind to her.

    If money were no object, I would jump at an Aprilia rsv4
  2. I'd go the gsxr1000 mate. Go down a tooth on the front sprocket
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  3. I'd go the gsxr1000 mate. Go down a tooth on the front sprocket
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  4. I should also add, Fuel efficiency doesn't worry me. I will foot the fuel bills for something great. Thanks Basejumper. do you suggest going down a tooth on the front sprocket because the gsxr1000 lacks torque down low or something?
  5. For me I don't see the need to ride a street bike that can run 300+ , I'd rather shorten the gearing for more low down torque and wheelies
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  6. If you are commuting 400km's a week, do you really want a litre sports bike? The ergos will be uncomfortable for no benefit.
  7. A GSXR600 will do the job for you. Plenty of power, fun and more economical for your driver's licence when compared to the 1000 ;)

    That was the first bike I upgraded to when I came off my restrictions but because I don't commute and rather prefer a weekend ride away from home with the yearly ride to the MotoGP in Phillip Island, a sports tourer is more suitable for my needs, so am parting ways with the Gixxer but it is an awesome bike that I will surely miss.
  9. K7/K8 GSXR for sure! I would say the 1000, not because you need it, its just that 600s really suck on the road, the torque is nice on the 1000 and you're a lot less busy riding them.

    600s belong on the track where you can keep them humming at 8k plus
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  10. Firestorm
  11. Aprilia Mille/tuono, Daytona 675, zx636, any jap thou, in that order. Might be able to find an SP1 for that price.
  12. Firestorm and Aprilia boats over scalpel Jap 1000s - LOL

    K5/K6 GSXR 1000s are still the benchmark for road going superbikes
  13. Aprilla Mille are a beauitful bike and are probably the best sounding too. When I was at Shock Treatment getting my suspension done Terry Haye was setting one up for a customer and even he was gushing after taking it for a lap.
  14. They're a bike for fair weather weekend princesses though
  15. Just shop the classifieds for the best thing for the least kms. They are all way more awesome than us.
  16. GSXR750, more power and torque than the 600 and better handling than the 1000.

    It's the sweet spot in the range :)
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    Funny as you've listed most of the bikes I've ridden lately - 636, 675, Tuono as well as others.

    Its pretty well common knowledge that anything Italian or even European of that heritage do not hold up well to daily use...doesn't mean they are bad bikes, but it does mean they're not a good choice for the OP who is commuting 400ks a week! Back then Japanese build quality very much rang true against the rest of the market.

    ZRX1200 is probably on the money really, 750 would be spot on, only 3kg heavier than the 600, no much nicer to throw around, but actually has some power/torque where you need it on the road
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  18. And while your looking at the 750 u might as well go another 9kgs and get the 1000
  19. Rotational mass makes it more than 9kgs in real life.
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  20. Kind of, the problem with 600's is they are not the best to ride unless really on it, whereas a 750 actually has torque.

    I ride a 1000 daily too, but the 750 would be the pick really, you actually get a open it up a little bit more before jail time, and they are cheaper on consumables like tyres while still having enough grunt to be easy going when needed
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