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Best tyres for gpx250?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Paulie, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. The time has come for me to spend even more coin on the bike, this time in the form of a new rear tyre so i can take it to do my p plates test on monday, just wondered what you experts would recommend gor a kawasaki gpx250 rear tyre?

    thanks all

  2. I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but I would give the Dunlop GPR 100 a try. Go full house and fit a front as well. Keep the old tyre for when you're feeling a bit poor or for when you sell the bike. I have these on my VFR400R & now have about 5300kms on them. I would estimate they are about 1/2 to 2/3rds worn. In this time they have copped an absolute flogging & I have not had 1 slip or slide out of them. (had Hi sports on previously & got just over 3000kms out of them) They have a nice triangular profile which gives them excellent side grip & give a nice light turn in. I am extremely impressed with them.
    P.S Have ridden on everything from old yokohamas to Avon supervenoms to Pilot sports to Pilot powers to 208 dunlops & these are every bit as good or better.
  3. From what i understand there is only one tyre in the standard size available for the GPX...which is the original tyre..the Dunlop arrowmax GT301 130/80-16. Although you may find other tyres in different sizing, as in either width or profile, that you could fit. However if you fit a different size tyre (other then obviously the rim diameter) you could be changing rolling diameter and/or sidewall height which would then change the handling characteristics which, by chance or luck, may make it handle better but its something you won't find out until you do it which may be too late.

    The other thing is that a wider tyre "may".....dunno...but may rub on swing arm bits or guards....i guess because I haven't looked at the bike for clearances.... depending on how wide you decide to go.

    I looked round for what i could get when I changed tyres and eventually decided on the standard which have lasted 7000km. However the centre of the tyre is pretty low because the tread depth indicators are level with the tread height....so may have to change them before next winter.
  5. Bond girl...what size tyres are we talking about...are they the same brand of tyres fitted front and rear and are they the same sizes as fitted to the GPX???

    I should have qualified my earlier post and said ...For a 1991 Gpx250 the only tyre I believe that are available for BOTH the front and rear in the same brand is the Dunlop Arrowmax....however I dunno about other GPX manufactured in other years (different sizing maybe available standard in other years...dunno???). Also the availability of tyres sizes and alternative brands may have only been a problem at the time I was trying to purchase "better" tyres...so I dunno...lol.

    I did look at other tyres...and there were some alternative brands available which were the correct sizing to fit the front and rear but you could only get one brand of tyre, if I remember correctly, for the front and a completely different brand for the rear. I thought I might be asking for trouble if the compound or construction was different from one brand to another and therefore one end grips far better than the other in either wet or dry conditions so I went for the standard tyres.

    As far as grip is concerned, for me, the standard tyres are more than adequate for the less than impressive power and handling of the GPX.
    Maybe we should have a 250cc track test where we go "head to head" for tyre brand top honours...lol.