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Best tyre guage

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Spocky, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Howdy all,

    Need some advice on a good accurate tire gauge for checking pressures prior to rides. Ease of use would also be helpful as twin discs on the front brakes make it a PITA to get the gauge into location (ie extension to gauge would be helpful).

    Main criteria is accuracy however.


    Cheers Spocky

  2. Snap-On brand pen style ones seem pretty good and accurate! Not too $$$ either
  3. I expect its a cost thing,I have a typical Michelin gauge and also one on the air line of my compressor.Yesterday there was an 8psi difference between them.I also have a cheap digital gauge that I was going to check both readings with but didn't get around to.My bike was a bit squirrelly today so I think the Michelin was right and I was down a bit on pressure.So buy one of those expensive ones that work? Maybe
  4. The best gauge is the same one, every time.
    Most are accurate to about 2psi. Good n'uff for the road. If you use the same it will feel the same.
    Heavy = needs more air
    Really heavy = flat tyre :)
    Too light and fidgety = needs less air
    Wet or doubling = up the pressure 2 3 0r 4 psi, the fatter the passenger or wetter the road.
    I personally don't do down on my normal pressure for really hot days. I'm not a road racer and it's pretty hard to go hard enough long enough to get them really sticky, so yeah just keep the norm unless it is wearing badly or moving around a lot
  5. I bought a Supa Cheap Auto compressor with gauge for about $60
    This is been pretty reliable.
    I have one of those small telescopic gauges which I keep in my jacket to use out in the road.

    I like having the compressor at home as if my tyre pressure is down I don't have to ride anywhere to get the matter sorted
  6. I carry one of these in my tank bag

    compact digital , rotating head for easy reach, and a bleeder valve to adjust pressure down..

    interestingly , contrary to usual reports, I found many servo gauages were pretty accurate ...not all , but many..

  7. I bought one of these from repco for $40 or something.

    Very good to use. Lets you store 4 different pressures in it and also has max psi mode and dynamic mode which is very helpful for deflating to a set pressure.


    Thats what it looks like.
  8. I got one of that too.
  9. Do any of these allow you to calibrate them at a shop using known line pressure?
  10. I haven't seen that on any gauge outside big $$ ones.

    I bought an analogue gauge from autobarn for $10. Its spot on to the very, VERY expensive electronic setup at a mates work. So far every electronic servo setup has been +-1 psi

    Grab a cheapy, find a friend with an accurate gauge and check the error margin over a few different pressures. It'll save you $$$ and fine tune to get the right feeling for you
  11. does anyone know of a wireless tyre pressure/temp monitoring system that can monitor multiple vehicles and fit in your pocket so it's suitable for a bike?

    i thought maybe this? but not sure if it can swap between vehicles...
  12. If you want accurate get the PSI to as small a range as possible.........try out the Moroso Pro-Style Tire Pressure Gauge - 0-40 psi.

    I have something similar from another company, equally if not better quality than Moroso.....I cant remember the name at the moment.........

    This very accurate guage is as useful to me as my knee sliders............I was running on 25 and 21psi a couple of days ago. I never use the darn thing.........upping the PSI by over 10PSI sure made a huge difference lol.

  13. don't matter if it's cheap, expensive, digital or plain old analogue ... long as you use the same one all the time and know your tyres
  14. I have an analogue gauge type, and my parents got a 7 dollar pen type once so they could check their 4wd pressure before they went on the beach.

    I found that particular pen type gauge stuck all the time... making life difficult

    My dial gauge thing doesn't have an angle connector or a flexible hose, so it's quite difficult to fit to the valve... lots of wheeling the bike around. Although I did get some valve extenders to allow me to flex the rubber thing and connect it
  15. In some situations, you really need to have an accurate guage.......drag or track would be one.

    I would even go further than this, that it doesnt matter on the guage or if you use the same one all the time............what matters is that you check your tyre pressure regularly (something I need to get into the habbit of)......on the road, being off by a few PSI shouldnt really be in issue, unless your using public roads as a track............
  16. probably too late to reply but...

    Try the bicycle style stand-up pump
    you hold it with your feet and pump with your hands
    + it has a built in pressure gauge

    2 birds with one stone, about $30-40 in anaconda etc.

    awesome pump, can use it for bikes, car
  17. hey dgmeister...

    How long does it take to use a handpump to fill your motorcycle tyres? Or is it because you are only topping up a small amount of leakage that it isn't a problem?