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best type of fuel for honda vtr 250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mobb, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. hi i was wondering to all the vtr 250 owners out there what the best type of fuel they use for the bike thanks!

  2. I just use the standard unleaaded, mine is a 2003 VTR. I have not had a problem yet....
  3. I geeked out on this and spreadsheeted my results.

    Runs fine on bog stock ULD.
    'Feels' better on premium and also got better mileage.
    Got even better mileage out of BP Ultimate and Mobil 8000.
    'Feels' best on Ultimate and got marginally better mileage than 8000.

    Testing was done over same commute at roughly same time of year same tyres filled up at same stations.

    Each fuel tested over 700-850km.

    I cannot explain why the premium fuels gave better results, it goes against the little I understand regarding octane, compression and carbed bikes. The VTR should not be able to take advantage of the higher octane. So maybe it's something else in the fuel.

    Mine is an '03 model, my best mate has one too and finds the same thing.

    The fuel that they run worst on is the Mobil ULD from the Marysville servo. Splutter splutter cough cough, bang...choof choof choof.

  4. A long long time ago, I had an XB Falcon. It had a carby. I used to put about 1/3 BP premium unleaded in it and it ran better (more power and ran further).

    I use standard unleaded in my bike ('06) and it goes fine.

  5. I would agree with that mostly.

    Only "mostly" cos I haven't tried BP ultimate. :D But for the difference between the Mobil ones I agree.