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Best twisties for western VIC

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Huks, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has some good spots for the western suburbs of Melbourne, great ocean road is the only one I can think of and waiting for summer to do that one, the best I've experienced so far is Bacchus marsh roads and areas around Altona/Williamstown

  2. Try northwest; head toward Blackwood, Trentham, Daylesford, maybe up to Castlemaine, down to Malmsbury, head east of the Calder and down to Macedon.

    Or from Bacchus try the Rowsley/Glenmore Road, then any back road to Maude, lunch at Inverleigh, over the Princes Hwy and back roads down to the GOR.
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  3. or move east?
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  4. The next time there's good weather I'll checkout these spots, cheers
  5. I wish
  6. Roads west of Melbourne are mostly touring mode, but they can make for a nice ride.

    This is a short run to Meredith about 180km
    Meredith short.JPG

    This one to Daylesford 310km
    Daylesford short.

    This one to Lavers Hill 380km
    Lavers Hill via Forrest otway fly Turtons track.

    This one to Port Campbell about 520km
    Port campbell.
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  7. A good local ride is to head up through Altona then down Point Cook and along to Werribee South Beach. Eventually head down to Point Cook Road which joins Aviation Road, a couple of nice big sweepers. This joins up to Duncans Road and you can head down to the Beach Road and Werribee South Beach. Stop for a bite to eat then keep heading out the main road where it becomes Diggers Road, there is actually a small twistie section here between the houses. This takes you back up to Werribee/Princes Freeway.

    Be aware of the market gardeners here - tractors often leave mud on the roads so take care.

    Also if you have time check out Cambell's Cove Road - not so much for the riding but for the little beach shacks people have built there. At the end of that is what seems to be a nudist beach with various dodgy types hanging out in cars - first time I arrived there in full motorbike gear was getting plenty of strange looks
  8. Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike

    The Lavers Hill loop..a question re: that. Some sections look like gravel/dirt. Is that the case or are they all standard.

    Looks awesome though so might try that one day.
  9. I've done that Lavers Hill route recently and it's all sealed, although Turton's Track is extremely tight, twisty and narrow.

    There's also some interesting riding along the eastern shore of Lake Corangamite, although it doesn't qualify as A grade twisties. On a calm day the photography would be amazing.
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  10. Thanks T.

    Turton's Track is on Route C159 and not a loop off C159, is that correct?

    On G Maps, I can see Wild Dog Track etc.
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    Correct, Turton's Track is C159, running between Forrest-Apollo Bay Road (C119) and Beech Forest. At it's western end, it's known as Beech Forest-Mt Sabine Road.
    edit. Wild Dog Track is unsealed and runs south off Turtons Track
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  12. And IMO, the best road in the area is the C119, from Forrest to Skenes Creek.
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  13. so much fun riding off the gor ... but the skenes creek road (and anywhere out there really) is sublime anytime of the year at anytime of the day imo.
  14. I'm thinking about running a early morning ride to Laver's Hill or PC, some Sunday (say, meetup at Maccas (Bypass) at about 4.30am
    just for something different.
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  15. nobody gets up that early to ride bikes
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