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Best training without leathers?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pugsly, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. I've a birthday coming up soon. I'm a bastard to buy for, so I thought I'd make it easy for family and they can put in to some training. Hopefully a good investment.

    Having a bit of a look around and quite a bit of the training courses require full leathers.

    I've got plenty of textile shite, but having just bought a house and being a fat bastard, I don't have a lazy k to chuck at a cow.

    So, question to you gentle rider. In Melbourne, what's the best training I can do without full leathers?
  2. Cones at Elwood followed by a friendly ride.

  3. Whilst I can't dispute the educational and enjoyment from that, it's not quite what I'm looking for. :)
  4. well, I bought some cheapo Pakistani leathers a couple of years ago, only cost me $299........

  5. If I could 'off the rack' I'd be ok, but I am truly a fat bastard. Did the Pakistani guys do v.large sizes? If so, can you send me their details?
  6. I've done Stay Upright intermediate, Honda HART intermediate and HART Advanced 1 course all without leathers. As far as I know only track training courses (e.g. Stay Upright Advanced or HART Advanced 2) require full leathers. Having said that - even the courses I mentioned require appropriate protective gear, just not necessarily leathers - textile protective gear will do
  7. Actually HART have renamed their courses, so in new terms Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 can be done in textile, Advanced 3 requires leathers

  8. Thanks Vahramh. I've got protective gear, textiles etc, just not leathers.

    Any views on Stay upright intermediate vs HART Advanced 1?
  9. HART Advanced 1 (old Intermediate) is lower speed and standards. If you're confident with bike control, go for Stay Upright Intermediate or HART 2 (old HART1) - they are on larger circuits, and are comparable. I liked HART more, but my son liked Stay Upright more, so it's hard to say - depends on instructors and the other members in your group on the day
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  10. Thanks Vahramh. That gives me a starting point. Both are on the opposite side of town from me, but that's ok. :)
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  11. Bikers Gear Australia in Ferntree Gully is happy to measure up and get them made for you if you really don't fit their large sizes. They are not $299 cheap though.

  12. I've been down that road with BGA. The kevlar pants they did for me were waay too big, the textiles were ok, but one of the fasteners on the side let go rather quickly, and the gloves I bought from them fell apart fairly quickly. To be fair, Imran did the right thing by me, but it was still a pain.

    The off the rack stuff is cheap and cheerful. I had a couple of their jackets.