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Best training provider for my P?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hyujhyuj, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone

    I got my L with Ridetek about a month or so ago. Very nice instructors, very encouraging, etc. Nice, friendly, warm, and joking in casual way. Basically nothing to complain about them, other than one thing - downshifting. Some of you know me, I asked heaps about downshifting in this forum a while ago. To this day I still cannot believe they did not mention the word downshift once let alone teach it. Once of the L tests required us to change to 2nd gear, and they did not mention how to upshift also - though I assume this is simpler than downshifting.

    So yes, basically the only complain/question I have with Ridetek when I did my L is that they never taught us how to downshift properly, which I believe is an extremely crucial part of riding a motorcycle, a fundamental aspect. Other than that, Ridetek is a really good motorcycle school.

    Now before I attempt my P, which I still do not know exactly when....I just would like to hear your guys opinions, which should it be? Currently I am thinking between:

    -HART (this one sounds promising, if you have tried HART please do let me know)
    -DECA (this one, distance is the main issue, there is nothing close to east melbourne area)
    -Allstar motorcycle training
    -Motorcycle motion (this one surprisingly is pretty close to me)

    Thanks a lot for your time guys.
  2. Hi,

    You have a few options:

    1. Your friendly and helpful Netrider session in Melbourne. This is where a number of Netrider members freely give their time to assist learner riders. Can be very close to one on one tuition if required. Learn and practice the basics, ask as many questions as you want and go back as often as you need. Best of all is the price FREE!
    2. HART. I have only ever heard good things about HART
    3. Stay Upright. Been around for about 25 years and do courses from learner, provisional, through to very advanced. They do courses in a number of locations in Victoria. www.stayupright.com.au

    Let everyone know what you end up doing.
  3. Thanks mate.

    Motorcycle motion seems pretty decent but some say its positive some say negative, so it is kinda confusing.

    Or should I stick with ride tek?
  4. go with what you know, if you've had a good experience already why change it?
  5. Just FYI my son has been on his L's for 6 months just decided to get of his arse and book his licence test before the laws change in October . Called 7-8 places and all full ! Northing until after October . Everyone getting in before the laws change in vic .
  6. Thanks everyone.

    Yeah....at the moment, my choices are:

    Stay with ridetek
    Hart. They seem quite good.
    Motorcycle motion.
  7. Long story short. Choose by the convenience (closer to you for example).

    Longer story...

    On the day you want to be relaxed and reenergised. So if one company makes you feel better then go with it.
    It doesn't really matter IMO.

    I did my full license at Motorcycle Motion if I remember correcly:

    I don't know about Ridetek so can't say anything.

    HART is the "de-facto" destination for the rider training.


    Don't treat that day or two as "complete training - tick, done".

    You will NOT learn everything you want to.
    It only gives you the key to explore the riding further.

    You'll be finding new and different ways of doing the same thing later on.
    You'll be growing as a rider and developing your own style.

    That will not happen during the training.

    So it is simply important to gather the information you can from them and be calm, relaxed and focused.

    After that find yourself a mentor (there's a thread for it) whi will be able to guide you through your riding career.
    It definitely saved my life and this is the best thing you can do for your own safety.

    Good luck with your amazing riding adventure!
  8. Hi,

    I would strongly suggest Sat Practice to get advice about the issues you have raised. See here; details in first post still correct; - https://netrider.net.au/threads/saturday-10am-basic-skills-practice.115150/

    What you have to understand is that the rider training providers are set up to get you to pass the test. So the riding you do before the test is actually doing the exercises you will do in the test. They do not have the time to teach you about riding in the real world, that is up to you to do and learn from.

    If you are not confident in getting down to Elwood post up your location in the sat Practice Thread and you will find someone who is willing to ride with you.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  9. Thanks a lot you two.

    I completely agree - passing my P is great for sure, but it is nowhere near enough. Even now, already I am thinking about doing more courses and based on my research HART seems to offer the best post P practice. However, they are done in Somerton, sooo far away from where I am...

    Or perhaps it is true, I will try have a look at the "find a mentor" thread here for now.
  10. Go to Saturday morning practise.

    That is the best place to start. If you are concerned about just turning up, someone here will meet you before hand and you can follow them in, they will make sure you make it there and home safely.

    If it wasn't for the Saturday morning practise I for one would not still be riding.
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  11. Yeah, down shifting while blipping the throttle isn't really covered in learners courses as you rarely get any faster than 25kph. If you were happy at Ridetek I would go and ask for a demo during your P's. I did my L's at HART and P's with DECA neither covered down shifting.
  12. I recommend http://www.armstrongsdrivereducation.com.au/motorcycle-licence-course.html for terrific instructors with great attitudes.