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Best time to purchase a CBR 600 rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dspark, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hello netriders!

    Great to find an Australian forum for riders :)

    I am seeking some advice. I am currently on my P's and get my full licence in October, however, I am saving up for a CBR600RR and I saw last weekend that there is a sale on 07 model CBR's.

    So I have two options :

    A- Purchase now, but leave it (unregistered) at the dealer til October
    B- Wait until later in the year and hope they have another sale

    What would you advise? Does anyone know how Honda dealers set their prices - ie could I go in later in the year and bargain them down to the sale price? Does it matter if I get the 07 or 08 model?

    Advice appreciated!

    P.s. Im in Canberra - we have only one dealer - but advice from people in other states would be great too.
  2. Don't buy it now and leave it. You'll crack and ride it, which could cost you more than what you'll save.
  3. Buy it, leave it at my house so you don't succumb to temptation, and I'll even run it in for you to save you the hassle!

    How's that for a good deal, eh?
  4. Pffff ya think you're never gonna get another good price on a CBR?

  5. mate you are a long way getting ya full license. i had my firestorm sitting in my garage for 3 months when i still had a p plate on. it was a friggen eternity.
  6. they have run out sales at the end of every year, to get rid of the last of that years models... just wait til the end of the year
  7. Buy the time october comes around they will have dropped in price anyway!
    And as everyone has said, the temptation will be too great and you will take it for a ride and get busted...
  8. Been there done that! Several times in fact... But even I can learn from my mistakes!! :LOL:
  9. Blow me Loz :p :wink:

    I just bought one to put in the shed for 3 x months. It was a bloody god price though and just what I wanted.

    October is a long way away though, there'll be bargains then to. Wait till then :)
  10. what about sydney?

    any reason i shouldn't buy from a dealer in sydney and just ride it down to canberra?
  11. +1 except with my SV. Don't do it, its terribly depressing!

    FYI, best time to buy is in the middle of winter.. in canberra :wink: Ie. when no one else is buying a bike.