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Best time to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tyberious Funk, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Is there much seasonality to bike prices? I can imagine it's not much fun riding during the height of a cold (and wet) Melbourne winter... and hence, there might be slightly better prices around June each year. Is that the case?

    If so, are price variations significant?
  2. Yes, best to buy during the cold / wet months as alot less people are riding, so less demand, less sales = more desperate to sell = cheaper.
  3. actually now is a great time to buy some last of the 08 stock if thats what your after.... a mate of mine just picked up a brand new 2008 R1 for $16,200 on road!!... great price.... the new 2009 models will be about $18,990 plus on raods!!
  4. +1
    If you have the will-power to wait until then
  5. The start of the warm weather seems to be when the most used bikes are advertised (as people upgrade to something newer/bigger), so in terms of having the most options that is the best time to buy.
    By the time you get to winter the only stuff available tends to be the bikes no-one wanted during spring/summer - so prices will be low because sellers are getting desperate.
    So winter is the best time for buying something cheap, but Spring is the best time for buying something specific. Depends whether you care more about what bike you have or how much you spend.
  6. Are you after new or second hand?
  7. I'm after a 2nd hand, LAMS approved bike.
  8. winter is a good time to buy in melb. prices seem go up when the good weather arrives in spring (or they did when I got my first bike a few years back)
  9. no time is a good time to buy second-hand LAMS because they are always in demand.

    Belonging to Netrider, however, gives you access to people who just can't WAIT to upgrade, and will sell you their LAMS/250s for mate's rates :wink:.
  10. If you want to buy a Japanese made motorcycle, I`d buy now.

    For justification of this statement, please check AUD vs JPY xrate @ yahoo finance or some such site.