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Best time to buy?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. I'm going to be getting a bank loan for a late model 250cc cruiser, sometime between now and next spring. Is there a time of year that's particularly better for buying - ie am I better off getting the loan now, or waiting for winter? :-k

  2. It is sometimes possible to pick up significant discounts (or packages of gear) when dealers run out last year plated new bikes. I got $2000 off my ZRX1200R because it was plated for the previous year as an example.

    In my experience larger city dealers are more likely to be doing this sort of thing...

    I haven't noticed anything related to the winter months in particular, but YMMV.
  3. damn you pete, beat me too it....
  4. 'twould be nice, but I'm looking at about $3000- for a 90's Virago/EL250 etc
  5. I'd get the loan, put the money in thebank, and keep an eye on the ads online and in print. You never no when a bargain will turn up.
  6. If your going to spend $3 g on a cruiser its going to be older than my mother, and you will be pushing it up hills.

    You get what you pay for......
  7. Winter is definitely the time to buy... particularly for 250s. You'll find they're sold quite a bit cheaper then. :)
  9. Umm, isn't a brand-new Virago 250 worth barely double that?

    $3000 is just about top-dollar for a mid- to late-90's 250 cruiser.
  10. Most of the mide to late 90's viragos in Victoria i have searched seem to be priced at ~$4200 - $6000. I found one for $3200 but it had 60 000kms on it already. I think stookie is on the right track because i have seen the same. 250 Cruiser seem to attract a high price.
  11. Add that to the list of reasons not to buy one, then.
  12. Personally i couldn't agree with you more. Cruiser are designed to enough the ride by having an easy working, grunting, slower revving engine and relaxed riding position, so that they can do what the name implies. Although 250 cruiser's may be comfortable and looks the goods (for a cruiser if your into them) i just think that the enging on most of them let's them down. You have to ride them more like a sports bike engine by reving and pushing them harder to get them moving/cruising along. I just feel that the lack the kahonas to do what seems to be required of a cruiser.
  13. :roll: definitely agree :!: i've seen mid 90's kawasaki gpx250 selling for $2,300 last October now they're going for $3,500 +. Mostly affected are the 250 market because of the number of learners during summer and most of them start selling their bikes in the winter months after a slide or two. :cry:
  14. The majority are, yes, but I've been keeping my eyes open the last few months and consistently there tend to be a few specials on offer around the $2900 mark (early 90's) with ok kms. I'll hold on to my bike while I'm looking, so as to take my time and follow v_quixotic's advice: wait, and pounce when a good one comes up.

    Is 40-60,000kms necessarily that bad?