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Best time to buy gear?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chmaiden, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Looking to treat myself to a new lid - am in no hurry but when is the best time to buy? When are the sales on etc?

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  2. The best time to buy is when the sales are on. That pretty well means the end of Winter (now) or the end of Summer (not now.

    Or you could do what I do which is wait until you actually need to buy something then shop around and buy the cheapest/bestest whatever it is your looking for.
  3. I buy gear that fits me well on the spot.

    Don't usually wait for the sale because rarely if ever things on sale fit me well.

    Don't bother "waiting for the right time", shop around and find the best FITTING gear you can.
    Then you can either buy it on the spot or (if you have plenty of time) wait for the discounts/sales.

    It's not that easy to find the right gear for me so I don't get caught by the sales.

    Just my $0.02.
  4. Look for the sales mate. Ring the big bike shops up and ask about any superseded top brand helmets they have on sale. I got a rrp $550 shark helmet for $150 from action paramatta. U prob will have only a small selection as far as design goes though. That didn't bother me though
  5. Shop online after trying on the brand/style/design you want to get to make sure you're happy with it and it fits and save heaps. I did this with my helmet cause it was much cheaper than buying from a store and I recommend doing it with any riding gear not just helmets.

    I bought my HJC helmet inc free tinted visor from www.thehelmetwarehouse.com.au

    They seem to be super cheap anyway, stock all the brands and then they also have a specials section for runout/superceded helmets etc.
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  6. As buying new gear means you will inevitably crash the first time you wear it, the best time to buy is when you have no pressing commitments in the next few weeks :D.
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  7. when it's winter in the states.
    but generally anytime if you are buying seasonal gear as their seasons fall opposite ours.
    so winter gear is cheap when it's winter here and summer gear is cheap when it's summer here, because they're dumping last seasons leftover stock.
  8. MT1 why are you using your MONKEYMAN account?
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  10. I picked up a pair of draggin cargo's marked down from $189 to $90.

    I got a shark pro r carbon for $649 , $100 off just by asking.

    When I got the Mrs kitted out with boots pants jackets and gloves I got $150 off again just by asking they practically gave us the gloves and did about 10% off the each of the other items.

    Typically superseded designs go cheap but why wait for sales just ask for a discount, I'll bet money you will get 10% at a minimum off every time.
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