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Best time to buy a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the best time to purchase a bike. Just through watching the movement on Bikesales over the last couple of months makes it look like winter is a pretty good time to buy.

    Anyway, I've found a couple of bargains recently that I've been holding off going to look at. Is it stupid to look at and buy a bike 5 months before I'm off restrictions? I know I'm basically after a newish Suzuki SV650S or Yamaha FZ6S for up to $8k.

    Specifically talking 2nd hand, private market here.
  2. Yes, first part of winter. After about late July people start getting tax return cheques which are often the excuse for new spring wheels.

    Yes, it is stupid to buy your bike 5 months before you can ride it and rationalise it by saying you will save a few bucks... after all, by late December you start getting the 'o7 plate' markdowns, depending on how the distributors and factories have managed their businesses. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

    In my experience the 'winter factor' counts for a lot less north of Sydney.
  3. yes definatly start of winter i noticed it aswell.

    Im actualy holding of selling one of my bike till afta agust (spring bling)

    I would have thought now was a good time to buy,

    as we get closer to 2008 model years the big garrages dont want to carry to much stock from the previous years and so they start cutting prices on early 07 or late 06 stock. Especially if there are updates happening on models! that way you can bag yourself a bargain..

    The New CBR600RR is a good example, you can get an 06 CBR Brand new at an absolute steel now!!

  5. hmm maybe are we talkin about buying new or buying 2nd hand cause i would imagine there is a diffrence
  6. I was specifically talking about private 2nd hand.... but all answers are interesting
  7. For new bikes it can depend on the production and ordering of the model as much as the basic circumstances of time of year etc. For instance, most manufacturers when introducing a new model will ensure first shipments are small to create a 'buzz' about how 'you have to wait months to get one'.

    But the factories have to guess how popular a bike will be, and the local distributors, too. So if CBR600s are cheap it's probably because they over estimated when they imported them... or Honda over-estimated when they planned the production schedule.

    For these reasons the real bargains tend to come from the factories and local distributors, not from the dealers themselves. It's easy to see a dozen bikes of a particular model lined up at a bargain price and to think 'well, they were making $X thousand on them last week' but in fact the distributors would have offered the dealers a big discount to take a shipment, and/or a reimbursement on existing stock. So it's of little use complaining to/negotiating with the dealers for large discounts.

    It pays to know exactly what the market is doing at a particular time- I bought my Super Duke in January when many dealers had a demonstrator or floor stock model, and clearly the market for these bikes was small. I was able to play the dealers off against each other a bit. At the same time, there were hardly any FZ1Ns to be had, so the advantage was with the dealers on the Yamaha. In fact, during January these bikes were effectively almost the same price- despite a $3000+ difference in the 'book' price.
  8. I noticed 2nd hand bikes seemed cheaper in winter, but not by so much I'd be prepared to buy a bike before comparing models through test-riding to make sure I got the right one for me. Test-riding really can change your mind.

    I'm between bikes now, due to saving more before I buy my dream. I've never bought new before and I didn't even want to this time, but it's the only bike that really does it for me. Does anyone know if Honda has a trend of reducing its prices for Christmas? I'm currently planning on buying end of Sep, but if it saved me a couple of thou, I might be able to wait. But I don't think I could wait any longer than that. I don't want to miss summer.

    Oh, and the sales guys can be under more pressure end of the month, apparently, so more likely to do a better deal :wink:
  9. ... yes, end of month is a good time... last one or two days especially. End of year discount will be heavily dependent on bike supply.
  10. End of month, end of quarter, End of model.

    Work out which bike you want - find out when the new years models come out, and about that time, you can usually pick up a bargain or two.

    If you have a bike to trade in - remember that in January - your bike is a year older too!.
  11. july to september are good times to buy a bike , regardless new or 2nd hand ..
  12. I've seen Blackbirds brand new from the show room for $13K + ORC recently. That's a steal!
  13. and k7 hyabusa's new $15k at peter stevens. goto love it when a new model is coming out soon
  14. definately winter, although you wont fully appreciate the bargain till summer when u can open the taps.