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Best time to buy a bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Julien, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Guys

    Is there a best time to buy a bike in a dealership? I know the old tip of buying towards the end of the month to kindly help the salesperson meet his budget.

    Can you buy at a motorcycle show (eg the one in Sydney is coming up)? Is there any benefit in doing that?

    I am looking at a Kawa 750 at the moment. I probably won't buy new but a used from a dealer would be good.
  2. At the show they have sales people from all the local dealers on the stands ,to show you the bikes and they give you prices etc.

    I had Actions and Sydney city motorcycles as well as Westerns Penrith sales people played them off each other all at the same time.
    Went to westerns and saved $1500 over Actions price ,all in the time of 5 minutes and walking 20 meters across the room :cool:
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  3. 5 past 3
  4. 12:00pm is also a good time.
    Most salesman will do anything to get outa there quickly and have their lunch break
  5. :wink: :grin:
  6. Best time is when the sales person is working 'with you' and not against you.

    That could mean something as simple as them having had awesome morning sex and are willing to do good deals on motorcycles as a result.

    When you are about to buy a bike and you are smiling, that's the right time to buy IMO. I don't really drill people for the best deal, if i am feeling happy about the whole thing then i'm in as that's what it's all about :grin:
  7. for new bikes.. RIGHT NOW

    the dealers are trying to get rid of all their 09 stock as the 2010 stock is about to hit the floors ... next month or 2 - 3

    for example... a week or two back there were only a hand full of GTRs left in australia.. about 6 of them.. and they were selling for 3 to 4 grand below normal cost.. the FJR and the ST were also marked down by 3K or more...

    word has it that the new GTRs have a new look and also come with heated hand grips... big frilly lizard... :roll: they are also going to be $1000 dearer to the old model...

    what a bloody joke the price of these sports tourers are... :mad:
  8. end of a month, going into winter, for obvious reasons

    and you can gouge for some good wet-weather gear at the same time :LOL:
  9. I totally agree with all your suggestions guys, but perhaps something else for Julien to consider...not that I advocate waiting THAT long. This is yet another suggestion, based on my personal opinion...and experience.

    Just before the Fiscal year ends, every store usually has massive sales on their bikes, parts and accessories. Obviously, to claim ('write off') as much as they can for that financial year.
    This works especially well with a new bike of previous year...for example, buying a 09 model before/as close to June 30, 2010. Not only is the bike reduced for a quick sale, but bargaining power is your friend !

    Otherwise Julien, when the time's right for you, you have all your finances available/set aside, you've selected the bike for you through thorough comparisons with others (be it test rides, sitting on for feel, studying the 'numbers' etc) and/or when you simply cannot sleep of a night due to excitement ( :) ), then get out there mate !

    Have fun and happy hunting !
  10. The best time is whenever your wife/girlfriend/life partner let's you get one without selling the old one. :LOL:
  11. Swap the other half for the bike.
  12. Thanks guys.

    Do you have suggestions as to good/firendly dealership where I could get to ckeck out a large number of bikes and be able to test ride without being pressured?

    Also, any recommandations for a bikes magazine with trustworthy reviews?
  13. Buy in July when it's cold, wet and windy.

    I think if you check with the ABS they'll confirm slumped car and bike sales in Winter.
  14. I'm also interested in this forgive me for digging up an old post. I'm being told by a wholesaler mate of mine wait till the end of the year to see if a new model is going to come out that way if it is I may be able to get this years one cheaper, I can't see how that will work unless I buy this years model next year. I'm looking at buying a tracer btw
  15. That's what he means. Buy a 2015 bike when the 2016 arrive.

    Though on something like the tracer I doubt if you will get much. It's aa newpopular bike. Go buy one today being end of month or end of next month and you will probably do just as well.
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  16. Last time I bought a car the salesperson divulged that the two things that effect what discount or deals they can do are; their monthly sales target in dollars, and the monthly sales target in volume of cars. It might be similar for bike dealerships in that it depends on how they are going meeting their targets, to the deal you can haggle.

    I just bought a new bike and managed to get a pretty good discount, I was honest with them in that I was there to buy, not waste their time, I started high with my expected trade in, and low on what I wanted to spend on their bike. We just worked front here until we were both happy with the deal.

    Good luck, the Tracer looks to be a magnificent bike.
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  17. Normally I've found the price is directly related to how long the bike has been at the dealership. If the dealer hasn't started paying interest on his floor plan yet, then there's no urgency. The other factor is if there's any rebates from the manufacturers. e.g. Yamaha may offer $1,000 rebate to the dealer to clear 2014 models just before the 2015 will be announced.
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  18. Mid-end of June is also a good time to buy as it's the end of the FY (unless the company has a different FY to the ATO and most of Australia). So often this will lead to an even keener salesperson as they try to get up to their annual sales target or max commission etc.
  19. Yeh usually the end of fy is the way to go, The dealers are saying because the tracer is new this year nothing is happening with them.
    I think my friend was more saying see if they bring an up date out not sure
  20. They won't change it after such a small time except for bold new graphics
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