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Best time at the 2007 Moto GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by susuzuki, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Well it is"THE ISLAND", got soaked to the skin on Thursday arvo, sun touched on Sunday arvo and the racing was great, the company was fantastic, ... but the highlight, on Friday was ..... got kisssed on the cheek , that is the right hand cheek, which I temporarily thought that I would not wash for the rest of the weekend, by ......

    Mick Doohan

    Thought he was so cool.

    Who else had a good experience?
  2. i had a great time, got rained on, sunburnt, hypothermia but sat a siberia for 3 days and loved every minute

    - seeing stoner come of in practice right in front of me (not good but definitely memorable)

    - seeing stoner then return to track about 20 min later

    - seeing stoner then kick everyones arse in the GP

    - burnout from 125 GP winner

    - sweet two stroke smell

    Wouldn't have traded my dirt patch for anything
  3. Man, i just can't believe the sound those things put out!! I've seen a lot of race cars, but the bikes have to be louder!!!
  4. My best time was when I rode out of my gate on wednesday morning and finished when I rode back in yesterday (tuesday)
    Oh yeah
    Great mates, great ride over and back, bike went beautifully, great racing, got pissed (alot) met some chickees, Stoner won
    What more can I say.
  5. I had the most awesomist time ever!
    There was rain, cold, queing for autographs (in the rain and cold), there were bikes everywhere, bike lanes on the roads, heaps of alcamohol and the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for! As for details - I'd feel uncomfortable sharing those in such a public forum :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I did the Barry Sheene tribute ride / dinner , friend and I actually ended up leading the event from Morwell to San Remo (first bikes behind the celebs). Got to see ourselves when they showed shorts from the ride on the superscreens at the track and in Cowes. No kiss from Doohan but a pat on the shoulder from Rossi, attended a function with all the Yamaha riders, 4 people with us got passes into the Tech 3 and Fiat yamaha garages, had a great time. B.T.W, I'd gladly pass up the opportunity to ride on the two seated Ducati for a seat in the F18!!!!!
  7. Through a mate, 3 day VIP pit roof pass as guest of the Grand Prix Corporation. Lunch on friday with Mick, Freddy Sheene, Ron Walker, Minister of Sport, Steve Parish AND the pilots of the FA18s. I'm trying very hard not to gloat but-- an absolutely amazing weekend started with the ride to Bairnsdale with Scumbag, Black Betty, Boostjunky etc., and finished when I pulled up in my driveway late on Monday afternoon. In a word - WOW!!!
  8. ...and then there was sun, motormouse pleased you had a great time, did you manage to see the racing???
    I reckon good racing and good friends are the best . Then everything else that is good, just happens.