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Best "super sports" NAKED 600-1000s (I know oxymoron)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SnOOkered, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been on here recently looking at the super sports upgrade but now realised I just can't afford the insurance >.< ! And was shattered as I feel there arent any nakeds that could offer the same sort of excitement as an R6 or GSXR750?...Or am I wrong? - The bike is pretty much for fun for me, not a commuter at all..

    So could you guys please throw me some ideas, my budget would max out at around 11k... but would always take suggestions if its worth it.

    PS is there any such thing as a naked super sports? i.e. with the clip ons and same tuned inline engines etc?

    Thanks again for the help
  2. CB1000R
    Ducati Streetfighter
    MV Brutale

    Just read that 11k max.....good luck.
  3. guess it depends what you consider fun....but i have a blast on mine, and rarely get left behind:wink: but any of the sv650 & sv1000, h6 & h9, er6 & z750, z1000, fz6 & fz1, (you might be able to find a s/h truimphy) or motard ktm :woot: or plenty of other motards around as well.......it's more about the rider then a bike on the street imo.

    good luck on your hunt
  4. Are you coming from a 250/Lams bike?, j

    IMO, the naked "sporty" bikes, sv's, fz's, gsr, Zs etc tend to have (slightly) more accessible power and handling at vaguely legal speeds (<140kph) than the more hardcore "super sports" where you're always hanging out to unleash some real power/handling etc, but only get relatively few chances to actually do so.....and then you are at warp 9 :LOL:

    As stewy mentioned you're not going to be left behind on most of these bikes ridden well, some of them are much more fun from a hooligan perspective too :LOL:

    Popular opinion would suggest the best "sports" naked at the moment would be the Street Triple, if you hunt around you can find one just under 11k
  5. Yeah, the Street Triple is probably the best solution that fits the kind of thing you're looking for... unless you'd be happy with a 'streetfightered' version (stripped of fairings) of an actual supersport bike. Sounds like you're looking for an off-the-shelf solution, though. You could probably stick clipons on a Street Triple if you really want to bend down that far...
  6. Yeah I just sold my hyo 250r and want back on a bike... I've always loved the super sports but I can;t justify the insurance I would have to pay at my current level of income. So yeah the speed triple looks perfect 14,400 ride away at most places i've seen so far. Out of the Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha which brand pumps out the best performing naked do you guys think?

    In terms of power/handling etc...do all the brands "de-tune" the motors?

    Thnaks for the help so far,,,

    PS... if i had the cash that CB1000R would be the money!
  7. Yeah, how the hell did I forget the Superduke?!
  8. Hey I'm pretty interested in this too - as per the OP, any of the nakeds/streetfighter style bikes have handlebars in similar/same position as the full fairing sports bikes?

    Also from what I undestand the engines are generally tuned for more low-mid range power instead of screaming top end.... Is that true for all of them?
  9. The Street Triple nudges close to the 100hp mark at the rear wheel, pipping the other detuned 600 nakeds up top but while also grunting way harder down low, hence why it's so fabulous.
  10. SV, big Z or H9, modified to suit.
  11. Have you ridden any of these bikes before?, any of them will be a revelation in just about every way compared a hyosung 250.........

    Coming off a 250 it's not likely the difference in tune/extra power of a "supersports" vs it's naked "tuned for torque" alternative is going to be all that important (for a little while anyway :D ).....you're not going to be thinking...."if only i had that extra 10hp and 2-3000rpm top end" (this is on 600s)

    Ride them all, buy the one you like best :LOL:

    The speed triple is a different bike to the street triple :)
  12. The FZ1N and the B-King is pretty close to the R1 & Hayabusa respectively, but still slightly "tuned" for midrange, as far as I am aware.
  13. No, i haven't ridden any of the nakeds.. I have ridden an 08 R6 and GSXR and I'm very used to the supersports aggressive riding position and was more interested in that rather than the power outputs. I havent had many expereinces with upright bikes but I felt like a dag on my mates Ninja 250r because my 6'4" frame sits up right like a tree, and I like to think i can tuck into the bike sometimes :)
  14. I think the opposite would be true wouldn't it?,

    nakeds are more forgiving to the tall than "supersports", 6'4" on an R6 you'd look like a greyhound screwing a tennis ball :LOL:
  15. Obviously not concerned about comfort. Dont limit your bike because of the default riding position, lower bars aren't that expensive.
  16. Tuned for midrange or 'detuned' realistically means more power unless you're on the track...

    I don't often have my GSXR above 11,000rpm...
  17. Yeah comfort wasnt always a huge factor as it wasnt a commuter.. But i have been doing a lot of research and I'm pretty much set on getting a CB600F or a Z750. With the hornet being 1st preference. But, I just did some calling around and the damn 600 is being discontinued and Peter Stevens has sold out and there aren't that many stocking them :(!

    So, fingers crossed I can get my hands on one ride away for 10k!!!
  18. One more question do you guys think the CB600F will fit me being 6'4"? Reckon its a tall person friendly bike?
  19. Hmm, you want supersports performance and handling, massive giggles but no poofy plastics?

    Sir, you have just invented the idea of streetfightering. Buy a cheap, superficially damaged sportsbike, insure it third party and chop it to bits. It is the path to happiness.