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Best Summer Gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by billa911, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. what do you reckon are the best summer gloves.

    Leather ones are the safest but then my hands get real sweaty.

    how about moto-cross gloves and some summer gloves with knuckle protection?

  2. I have a pair of alpinestar spx gloves. Very good furring hot days. Plenty of protection where needed.
  3. AlpineStars "Octane Adventure".
    Made of cotton mesh, no wrist protection to speak of.
    Vented plastic knuckle guards and prominent A* logos however ;)
  4. I have a friend that wore a mesh type cloth gloves with knuckle protection

    had an accident and shredded his hands

    He know believes a bit of sweat is nothing to put up with like the 2 months it took his hands to heal

    he wears nothing but leather full gauntlet gloves now

    your hands though if you can handle someone else wiping your ass for two months i say get some mesh type cloth material
  5. Wear what ever is comfortable for YOU and you can afford.

    Obviously full leather racing style gloves offer the best protection, but may not be practical in the middle of summer on the daily commute, or may be out of your price bracket
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  7. [​IMG]

    Brawler gloves, with stainless steel replacing the plastic chrome. Works for me...
  8. I've got a pair of these. They're awesome, I don't even get clammy in them on the hottest days.
    They look like they have good protection, I won't ride without armour for the palm, too many falls off the old Mongoose taught me that.

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  9. Stroker, what are those gloves? Look the goods.
  10. Rjays Pursuit 2 - Now Discontinued. Icon Pursuit - Also discontinued, but you can order on eBay.


    Shift Stryker - close second, but has mesh panels on the side of the fingers, rather than full perforated leather.

  11. I have a pair of Astar Alloy gloves, nice gloves untill the perforated holes in the fingers split open.

  12. Avoid anything Dririder summer/mesh. Completely disintegrated on contact with the road and I now have scars forever. Will NEVER buy a dririder product again.
  13. Sorry to hear that BlueyZZR ..hope you get better asap! I was thinking BMW mottorad or icon pursuit