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Best stuff for Chrome, metal and plastic cleaning?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GunSlingerAU, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    I've read the massive guide to cleaning that's stickied at the top of this page, but tbh it's a little bit over the top for my needs.

    I've been using Mr Sheen to clean my VN250 Intruder on a weekly basis, but have noticed that it's starting to build up a bit of a layer, so think it's time to give her a proper wash. I was wondering what the best stuff is to give her a good wash down with - bearing in mind that my bike has a lot of chrome and chrome looking plastic?

    Also, what's some good stuff for keeping the vinyl seat in good nick? I bought some armorall, but it says not to use on motorbike seats as it'll make 'em slippery?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I use MrSheen on plastics and buff it back with a good buffing cloth. Kitten polish on painted metal with a good (different) buffing cloth and Autosol on SS and chrome and alloy bits.

    Any chain sling off gets a hit of kero on a damp rag and whiped off straight away.

    Works for me :grin:
  3. I use Mr Sheen or Armor All on plastics, Mothers on Chrome, and wipe down tyres using a damn cloth with thinners. :)
  4. I tend to just use 2 cloths, one wet - one dry. I wipe down all the surfaces with the wet one then the dry one.
    If there is anything stubbornly stuck on the chrome (like melted plastic) I have found steel wool works really well. Just keep it wet and it wont scratch.
  5. I use motul wash and wax. spray on, wipe off, no water (which is good down here in vic)
  6. Perfect, thanks guys!
  7. Same. It's great stuff!
  8. Silvo is great for giving the chrome a good clean and polish.

    Bug and Tar remover for chain grease and stubborn marks.

    I use Meguirs Gold Class car wash, then chamois, then Motul spray. Only use about 3 litres of water to do the whole bike.
  9. I can do my bike with about 1 litre of water. I think we can spare that :)
  10. I wash with one of those car cleaning cloths, let dry and then go over with plexus or another brand visiplex I think I got at Autobarn. Brings up all surfaces with great shine and limits static dust pick up. Go over all chrome and glass with chrome polishing cloth. Takes about 1/2 hr tops.
  11. meguirs yellow wax on the paint every few months or so.. closer to 6, and then their soft wash gel. autosol is good gear for the chrome. take your time though with the chrome. get a buffer (small wheel) if you can for the final polish. amorall is ok on the seat although you will slide for a few days. dubbin works ok but is a bit of a biatch to use as is sticky.
  12. I used Mr Sheen but once I did my next doors bike with a clay bar over the tank followed by some mothers wax. Mate the finish was beyond anything I have seen before. Not sure how this stuff goes on plastic or chrome though.

    A microfibre cloth and lots of elbow grease is always good.
  13. +1 - Been using one for years due to water restrictions and it's great. Best to give the bike a quick hosing/bucketing first if it's really filthy though so as to not risk using the dirt as a cutting compound. Regular coatings of quality polish will significantly reduce the effort required.

    Also be wary of waterless wash products. The active ingredient in many is in fact brake fluid and although fine for occasional use it can cause serious damage to the paint if used long term (couple of companies issued press releases stating as such after receiving complaints).
  14. Did any one else have the phrase "WTF" come to mind when they read that?!? :-s


    I wash my bike every Saterday with warm soapy (wash and wax) water. I use kero on the rims and any where else needed to get rid of any greasy build ups. Polish the air intake pipes and other black plastic bits with armor all. Chamois dry and use Mr.Sheen on the fairings.

    I also re-Mr.Sheen it every wednesday.

    Iv also found that "Brasso" works wonders for rims and other chrome parts. Dont bother using it on chrome stickers. Thats just stupid! There only stickers!