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Best State

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Hi All, considering crossing the ditch! Which state will you consider to have the most relaxed or biker friendly laws & level headed cops? :)

  2. "Biker friendly laws"....."level headed cops"

    bwhahahahaha, you've got the wrong country mate. :p :p :p We dont have either of those over here.

    But Melbourne does have the footpath parking (although i gather Sydney is considering it).
  3. :LOL: Thought I might get a reply along those lines. Any comments on Perth (WA) and Brisbane (QLD)?
  4. No question. Tasmania.
    (mainly because there simply aren't enough cops to cover the place, tho' :) )
    Best roads, too. But worst weather :cry: .
  5. Can't say Ive ridden other states but Tassie seems to have the best rep for roads and lack of police presence.

    Coming from NZ you'd be used to the sort of weather you get in tassie, hey.
  6. +1

    Shame its a hole then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah, jk jk :D
  7. Same weather as in AKL - then there wouldn't be much point in moving! :p
  8. having riden in both adelaide and brissy, i would say adelaide is better due to much less traffic and more biker friendly weather (assuming you wear full gear), how ever brissy has better roads generally. Some of the roads in adelaide are shocking to ride on

    Cant say anything about the coppas though as i've never had a run in with em.
  9. NSW may be the worst. Very un-bike friendly. The government screws riders at almost every chance and the EPA has a proposal in regards to exhausts that will hammer just about EVERY aftermarket exhaust. Tolls Suck, insurance sucks and parking sucks(although there are some improvements here around the city). Cost of living is appaling.

    Don't know about VIC as I haven't lived there with a bike.

    SA is pretty good for bikes. Traffic is less, rego and insurance is relatively cheap. Lots of dry weather but it can get ridiculously hot. Imagine day after day of 40+ degrees. Squid-central. That is what some summers are like. Cost of living is very good. It is just a big-country town though.
  10. If you're trying to avoid running into relatives, I'd suggest Adelaide over Brisbane - what is it with all the Kiwis around here?
  11. Canberra! (even though it's not a state) I regulary ride past cops at 10 over the limit and they dont even bat an eyelid, 20 over if it's in a 100 zone (not many though). Have copped any grief personally from them.
  12. Yeah, but it's a boring crap hole. Lived there for three looooooooong years.

    *puts flame-proof suit on*
  13. As a motorcyclist the best state currently is Victoria simply because of the TAC.
    In no other state can you bin your motorcycle under any cirumstances and expect loss of earnings and a payout if you can't return to work.
  14. Pick Vic

    Melbourne is great as can park on footpath, tolls are free for bikes, lots of sport, lots of culture, lots of cafe's and heaps of friendly bikers.

    Weather is excellent also! None of the humidity that Qld and parts of NSW have

    Also, Great Ocean Road, Black Spur and heaps of other great rides close by.

    So when you moving over here?? :LOL:
  15. Tassie is without a question the best motorcycling experience in Australia. Sports/Tourer heaven. It's pretty isolated, but if you can deal with the fact that the whole state doesn't have a real city (just a couple of big regional towns and some smaller ones) it's a nice tree change.

    South Australia and the Adelaide hills are fun but limited (and there's nowhere much to go outside those hills except for Victor Harbour), but it's cheaper to ride/live and you are only a day from PI.

    NSW has some very nice rides, and Sydney is fun... but double point days, high registration fees, high police/RTA presence and soso accident coverage can make it an up and down experience.

    Victoria has some great rides... but the speed camera supported state budget can make it expensive if you don't stick near the speed limit. If you ride a cruiser (or you can afford the speeding fines) then Victoria can be a good choice.

    Queensland is hot, humid and riding in gear in summer up there is the pits. Riding without gear is nice, but do you really want to be a squid all your life?

    WA doesn't have much good motorcycling area and it's a long way from everywhere else, nice to visit but I wouldn't want to live there (bit like Townsville/Cairns/Darwin).

    As for the ACT... enough said :LOL:
  16. Lol just go to Darwin man. Cops there dont do shit except round up aboriginals. They are bastards there, but generally too lazy and its too hot for them to do much of anything and that includes chasing down bikers. Plus you dont get demerit points yet.
  17. Darwin - NT right? Thanks for all the feedback! Looking to move whenever I get a good opportunity - got a few "lines in the water" See what happens.
    Any comments on Cairns? Don't think I'll go there though.

    Which States do not have a demerit system, and also allow lane filtering?
  18. If you're considering moving country - why not go to a real country, the US and A? That's what I'm going to be doing at the end of 2008.

    - Better gun laws
    - Lower taxes
    - Less speed limit enforcement
    - Some states have no speed cameras
    - Some states have no demerit points
    - Some states it's legal to have speed camera detectors
    - Cops wont book you for travelling the median traffic speed of 10mph over, unless you're actually driving dangerously
    - People actually care about their freedom, even though it's being legislated away
    - Bill of rights
    - ACLU
    - NRA

    cookeetree can I borrow your flame proof suit mate?
  19. HAHAHAHA, I was reading this thinking, "Yeah, and about 1,000,000 times more chance of dying young!" Then I saw your final sentence!

  20. I think ive got in good having the bike registered in viccie and riding in sydney. Cheap rego and the cops around Sydney have never given me a hard time about illegal mods or handed me a speeding fine for anything less than 25ks over. Its almost like they just ignore me. Vic coppers on the other hand are always on my case and giving me fines for being less than 5ks over.