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Best squid singlet ever...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRAffair, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. I pulled up behind a guy on a KTM duke today at the lights, and had a bit of a giggle at his singlet.

    It was a tank top, that on the back read

    "I support the right to bare arms."

    I had a chuckle, and immediately decided I would have to share it.

  2. We've got a lot of halfwits on pushies with whippersnipper motors in our area.
    One rode past us (we were in the cage) today and my 5 year old yells out the window
    Normally I would go off at him for mouthin' off out the window, but I near pissed myself.

    Ice cream for the lad tonight me thinks.
  3. Parra's full of them too - couple of them look they get up around 60Km/h, with the rider gaily swinging his polystyrene brainbucket over his elbow...

    Young fella definitely deserves icecream for that!
  4. I'm a moderately fat, unfit slob but my new bicycle computer tells me that I can get 50km/h out of my (unmotored) pushie given a modest downslope and only moderate effort. I'd go faster too, but I can't rotate my legs fast enough on my current gearing. I suspect that others can too, even where cycle helmets are not mandated (ie everywhere other than Aus and NZ). And yet there is a distinct lack of worldwide cyclist carnage.
  5. now thats good parenting (y)

    actually alot of pushy riders are hurt in traffic bingles. much of it goes unreported however.

    all those muscles wont save a skin graft, might save a bone graft but. shit loads of roid heads on two wheels round here.
  6. HAHA classic stuff right there, what a legend!
  7. Well we should clearly repeal the law about helmets (both on pushbikes and motorbikes), as they obviously do nothing :)
  8. Yes, they are, but in most cases it's the loss of a bit of skin or, at worst, a broken arm. Unpleasant but generally not life changing.

    And yes, I have fallen off a pushy at speed, as have quite a number of people of my accquaintance. It hurt quite a lot every time. None of us would particularly want to do it again but it hasn't resulted in the dire, life changing consequences that are promised for non-ATGATT PTW riders travelling at similar speeds.
  9. HAHA.

    =D> to that guy!
  10. There's a decent body of evidence to suggest that the pushbike helmet law has had a net negative effect on public health. Enough that, for example, when such a law was proposed in the UK, it was rejected outright by government and, IIRC, medical bodies.
  11. patb i agree. i think one of the difference is having a 10kilo pushbike fall on you and 200 kilo motorcycle doing the same.
  12. I'd love to hear that argument!
  13. It basically goes that making people wear helmets decreases pushbike usage which increases obesity which increases health care costs (more than the health care costs attributable to head injuries).

    Australia has one of the lowest use of bicycles in the OECD because of our helmet law (and high obesity).

    Also helmet use often increases risk taking activities (people go faster than they otherwise would) increasing other injuries.
  14. PatB, I have to say that I initially snorted and went to Wikipedia to quote some stats about how much of an idiot you were being, especially after my sarcastic remark. I mean a helmet obviously helps if you hit your head, and having had some near falls on a push-bike, it seemed like such a no-brainer (no pun intended).

    Turns out I was wrong. Here's a choice quote: Robinson's review of cyclists and control groups in jurisdictions where helmet use increased by 40‚ÄČ% or more following compulsion concluded that "enforced helmet laws discourage cycling but produce no obvious response in percentage of head injuries"

    Mind. Blown.

    There are other studies that have found helmet laws on pushbikes do help, but it's nowhere near conclusive. Wow.
  15. in dennmark at one point if the coppers saw a cyclist without a helmet, they would have to hug them then point out the bennifits of wearing one and where to buy it. no jokes, was used in a semminar i did on cycle usage in the city.
  16. The only people around here that wear a pushbike helmet are the under 10's and over 30's.
    the teenagers dont care and the twenty somethings arent worried about the fines..
  17. Wearing the equivalent of a cereal bowl ,perched on top of your head is not head protection.
    But then again,the less cyclists on our roads the better.They should be banned,especially those retards who use the hills for "training"--fark off and go to a track.
  18. Seen many 150kg plus bicycles?
  19. What's wrong with riding a pushbike through the hills? I always give them a thumbs up...
  20. I've yet to have a (motorcycle) off where the weight or nature of what I'm riding has made the slightest difference to the consequences. I accept that there is the possibility of ending up under it but it's by no means a certainty.

    Not that that prevents me from at least being largely clad, booted and gloved when riding a motorcycle, even at speeds that I'll happily do on a pushie in raggy old shorts and a t-shirt (although I'll always wear enclosed shoes). Just trying to inject a bit of perspective here.