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Best Spada Fairing Modification???

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jaguarfanster, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. I just stumbled upon this....some japanese shop has done this to a spada. So good doesnt hide the Castec frame, doesnt make it look like a fairing wannabe bike, just great i reckon....

    anyone know where i can get the parts, or other model bikes with similar parts (front fairing, and belly fairing), that I can modify to fit my spada?

  2. The wheels and swing arm come off the rvf. You will need to totally rebuild the back end. Dunno about the seat. By the look of it mostly everythig bar the frame, rear view mirrors and perhaps engine has been modified.
  3. ahh ok, but what's the rvf? i just found road bikes that don't quite look like this one on google images. The back end looks a lot my spada though (but that I mean the seat and fairings associated with the seat).

    I really was interested in just the front fiberglass/plastic/fairing thing that wraps around the classic spada circular headlight. Oh and the belly pan. These two things and ill be happy :)
  4. A road bike that don't look quite like that one.
  5. tail looks like the cbr250rr i'd say. belly pan and headlight cover....well unless you can find out who it is, you're gonna have to start learning how to mould fibreglass. it's not overly hard, just takes patience and practice. alternatively, modify a different belly pan to fit. be keen to see how it come out either way.
  6. haha quite a blast from the past reading this. It seems apparent that I didn't know what a "back end" was, and neither knew of the classic rvf! In 236 days, seemed to have learnt quite a bit.
  7. nah.....
    i reckon its a bros rear end
    (grey import here, also known as the hawk in america)

    (dont know why youd do it though bros was a 400 or 650cc)
  8. looks like an almost perfect rip off of the spada. But I would say with certainty the wheels and swing arm came off an rvf. I'd guess all the plastics were specially made, doesn't bear a whole lot of similarity to that bros thing.
  9. The engine, frame, subframe, seat, tail plastics and tank are all Spada.
    I'm with Lilley on the swingarm and rear wheel assemblies: RVF...
    Not sure about the forks and bars but they're not Spada.
    The belly pan reminds me of something but I'm not sure what - it's been cut down a little regardless...
    The bikini could be anything.
    The front wheel is probably off the same RVF, which makes me think maybe the forks are too?
  10. Check the Airtech website for the bikini fairing - or one similar.
  11. A little bit of searching on the image took me to a Japanese site that appears to be from the guys that modified the bike.

    Translation from google (because it was taking me too long to do it from Japanese.)
    Original titanium muffler
    ● Radial Master for YZF-R1
    ● Braking wave rotor made ​​of
    ● Two-piece aluminum front fork for CB400SF
    ● inner fork for NSR250R-SP
    ● for NSR250R Puroamu
    ● Wheel around for NSR250R
    ● Aluminum Radiator for VFR400R
    ● Step for RVF400
    ● Under Cowl for VT250F
    ● Multi-reflector headlight
    ● Bae headlight original point

    Made to the wave rotor for braking VFR
    Has been equipped with double the caliper for CB400SF.

    Unique in the titanium full exhaust left out one-off
    We have succeeded in creating a form.

    Was allowed for VFR fitted with a wide radiator of power.

    The tank is the original paint using an airbrush,
    We produce a feeling of luxury at the same time as the accent. /translation


    2 more images of the bike are on the site.

    Now to go and get a belly pan from VT250F for my baby. :D
  12. Now it all makes perfect sense.
  13. Sorry about that. :LOL:
  14. Don't be - I enjoyed the challenge!
  15. nah, the bros came first,
    was one of the first honda production bikes to use that single side swingarm set-up (its an rc31), its also one of the first modern naked bikes.....
    so the sapda is its little wana-be brother[-(
    definetly not a rip off of a spada

    but it looks like i was wrong, and its an rvf swing arm (why ruin such a good bike, i mean if its an vfr750 or 800, fair enough. but such a shame for a 400)
  16. This was quite a while ago, and perhaps from a different mindset. Fairings don't suit the suit the Spada. A bikini maybe, but nay on the belly fairing. I mean they were meant to be naked!

    I've taken a different strategy on my own trusty Spada. Painting that beautiful CASTEC Aluminum frame black? Yuck. Polishing to a mirror finish, does indeed look the part :). I might change the seat, get a bit of a cafe racer happening. Anything but what they did with "Sparda".

    Well I suppose all these older Jap bikes are a dime a dozen in Japan. Obviously. Without LAMs (correct me if I'm wrong) I doubt their prices would be as inflated in Australia. Considering this, butchering these old fellows into Frankenstein creations, or rather aptly named "hot scrambles", isn't out of the question in Nippon.
  17. Original titanium exhaust/muffler my ass. Don't think titanium was even considered in manufacturing of anything that couldn't take off back then. Also, looks very much like the nc30 exhaust.
  18. I'm pretty sure the original muffler is Aluminum. That's what the guy at Australian Buff Company in Coburg said anyway.
  19. Interestingly I find myself agreeing with almost everything you say, but planning a completely "disagreeable" build - I'm going black frame and engine and installing a pan, but I'm not sure about the bikini because I'm still toying with the idea of twin lights...
    I was gonna do the entire thing in matt black, but this example now has me thinking about some totally inappropriate colour...