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Best sounding exhaust for new K9 GSXR750

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by zigpig, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    This is my first post here.

    Just picked up my brand new GSXR750 K9 last week and bloody love it.

    First thing I want to do is get a good exhaust on it that will give me a bit more of a deep grunty sound. Can anyone reccomend the best sounding pipe for my bike and if I should just go with a slip on or will I get better sound and performance from a full system.


  2. If you want loud, try Hindle. A slipon will do, they are freaking loud like an angry, death rattling, wailing banshee.
  3. check out Level One Racing

    Ive got one on my gixxer and its motogp loud
  4. east side balla

    where you ride?

    i've got a yoshi slip on on my GSXR750 and to be honest its not that loud ha :cool:
  5. MOtogP sound?

    how'd u get a Inline4 sound like a crossplane firing order bike :p
  6. Thanks for that Haysey, With you Level one exhaust do you just have the slip on or a full system? Will I get enough of a deep sound with just the slip on or do I need to install a full system to get a deep roar.
  7. get Jardine RT-1, you will only need the slip-on, personally I think they are the best sounding.
  8. ive got the 10" shorty pipe, with a silencer for those early morning starts, it sounds very nice on my 1000 although dont know how it would sound on your bike sorry mate....

    maybe look on youtube for some clips?

    dave, i ride everywhere mate, north south east west where abouts ya livin?