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Best sounding 600cc sportsbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mogley, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Which sportsbike do you guys think sounds the best?

    I originally thought the high-revving f1 sound of the r6/gixxer600 is what i wanted but i had my heart set on the 600rr and am now thinking the throatier mid-range roar of the CBR is quite a sound.

    I'm not sure what all the rage is with slip-ons, the stock 600rr exhaust has got an even, gentle idle and winds up and howls with a nice mid-to-high-end whistle VS the slip-ons which seem to make the idle bubble away noisily like a lawnmower without much more colour at higher RPMs except maybe decibels and a deeper low end note (which i think the 600rr has plenty of anyway).

    I do love the way the gixxer/r6s scream though.

    Interested to see what people think - it's all so subjective.
  2. Daytona 675 with Arrows.
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  3. lol thats a bike that NEEEEDS a slip on ;-)
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  4. Without a doubt the best sounding supersports bike (under the 1000cc class class) was the Ducati 748R. The 848R isn't bad either.

    And without a doubt the best sounding sports bike 1000cc class is the 916/996/998/999/1098/1198 ducati.

    Actually I'll make the bold statement that the best sounding road bike is a Ducati.
  5. Triumph 675. The best of both worlds, they sound so good!
  6. I had an 07 636 with a full titanium Micron system on it. I upped the rev limit to 15,000 as well. Must say it did sound nice.
  7. MV Augusta F3
  8. One that you own. :)
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  9. I love the sound of my '98 VFR with Remus carbon pipe. The 675 sounds good too.
  10. All the 600 i4's sound the same.
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  11. If you like old kettles.....

  12. The first I agree +1

    The second.....see previous post.....is this the Mid-west circa 1820......where is the steam train?
  13. That's why you get the Daytona not the street.
  14. any 675, 848, vfr, r6 will sound great to most people- but it really just depends on you.
  15. Disagree....

    I'd have a street over a daytona any day........

    The sound - although somewhat of a selling point - is incidental to the ride....
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  16. A sportsbike in my opinion should never sound anything like a Ducati, a cruiser, yeah maybe, but a sportsbike? nah, the sound just sounds slow :LOL:
  17. While my experience is at odds to others, I found it underwhelming.
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    or sewing machines.

    they can sound nice with a pipe though but they REALLY REALLY need it.
    i dunno, i've found the recent ducati's to be too muffled.. even with termi's... they need to dump the cat... but +1 i've always LOVED the sound of ducati's... have to say though... i LOVE the way my RSV4 sounds.... but we're not talking litrebikes.... or 675's.
    so. theres not much difference as they're all i4's
    GIxxer 600.. sounds kind of tinny... raspy always makes me think about valves and sounds a little loose/rattly
    CBR600 solid, a little deeper, smoother, doesn't sound as hard tuned as the others.. a bit whiney
    R6 - high pitch, raspy, revvy..
    zx6r (or whatever they want to call it this week)(even if they need 36cc extra)... can't describe it
    overall i wouldn't say theres enough difference between them to differentiate... its all styling and ergos.
  19. i cant edit anymore.

    actually i fcukin LOVE the sound of my Aprilia. just ask nina