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Best shield for Arai Doohan Corsair-V?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by xxCBR250Rxx, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Hi all.

    First post on the forum. So help us out.

    I'm getting a new Honda CBR250R 2011 in a couple weeks and have got the Doohan Arai Corsair V on order from Hondaworld in Adelaide. I'm unsure about the whole shield scenario though. Does the iridium do the job other than looking cool, if so which would look best. If not, which should I go for? Does the max vision pinlock work?

    Any help will be muchly appreciated.

    Cheers :]
  2. iridium is the same as looking through a light tint visor.
    not nearly as dark as a dark tint, but dark enough to be useless at night.
    they look awesome yes, and awesomeness is something you should factor in heavilly when deciding on a motorcycle related purchase.
    however, they are difficult to keep clean and clear. removing things like the days bug toll has to be done with patience and care.

    the pinlock insert is the original and possibly the best insert of that type for function. but i'd look for a visor with the studs to fit the pinlock allready on it.

    generally with visors > it took me a long long time to finally find out which colour/shade visor is the best. and the answer may surprise you.

    answer > clear

    always had tinted, iridiums, blues, greens, whatever blah for years. always ripped off the original visor on the helmet when purchased and replaced with 'cool' visor.
    then one day i used a clear visor and realised just how much clearer my vision was... like dur it's a clear visor.
  3. second best and personal preferance is a slight yellow tint.
    forget orange, dose'nt work like the yellow. plays tricks on your eyes at night.
    light reflections on brake lights etc. i do not know why yellow works and orange does not.
    but yellow is very good to excellent. and i do think it does give you an advantage over clear in fog and rain. also cuts down the glare slightly at night in rain.
    just an option for you if clear is too gay and you want to be a little different and look cool.
  4. my preference is clear visor with sunnies that way you can just open up the visor and feel the wind while not getting any bugs flying into your eyes.
  5. I had a quick chat to the guys at hondaworld. they reckon blue is definitely gonna look best. and i can vouch for yellow workin well. i have yellow oakleys for when i cycle on sunday mornings. they're unreal. I reckon i'm gonna have to get 2 more but at $100 a pop its not that big a deal. is it?