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Best Service & recommended bike shops

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Amanda_84, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. This is my experience in the GC/Bris area, and it's kind of a follow-on from Eve's post on gender issues: here in my rant/recommendation!

    As a new female bike rider i've had this problem from the start (going on 2 years now) and only through finding good stores, with good people, am I actually getting anywhere with them (salesman mostly)!

    The Bad (In my experience):
    One Team Moto on the Gold Coast @ Nerang, let me stand there for 25 minutes AT the register, WITH what I wanted in hand, WITH my money out.... the shop was empty, the guys were too busy chatting with each other despite the fact they had seen me...fine i'll buy my tank pad & winter gloves elsewhere....Previous to that the same place also 'forgot' to do up ALL the bolts on our brand-spanker bike we got from them - steering assembly required like 3 main bolts, only 1 was tightened, one went missing in 500Km and the other was very loose - good work.

    I took my partner up to the bike shop at Springwood (not the same chain as previously mentioned) and I asked about the new '08 Ninja and the specs, price etc and after I finished talking he turned to my boyfriend and proceeded to tell him all about the bike.....we left & bought our bike elsewhere.

    The good (In my experience):
    Went down the road to Team Moto Honda (@ Springwood), my partner and I got served by a lovely chick who helped us out with everythiing we needed and still does!! We ride 50Km and by-pass other bike shops just so we can get her to help us out! They have a couple of chicks working there, a chick who manages it and have heaps of chick & guy gear.

    Team Moto at Enoggera are also awsome, especially the salesman that's help us find a second bike - showed as a few we had decided we were keen on, took us on test rides, coaxed me into going for a ride and helped me out with nerves offering tips etc and treated me respecfully and like a person rather than a retard. Not pushy and easy to talk to, and happily chatted with BOTH of us!

    Anyone else had some good dealings with people around their neighbourhood??? - we are yet to find a mechanic who can speak to women without stuttering and treating me with kid-golves (and i even make sure i don't wear short skirts and plunging necklines :demon: )
  2. I have had good dealings with the team moto yamaha in moorooka.
    I bought a bit there at once and now get a discount when I go in.
    Service has been fast and prompt, they left me to myself when I entered the store which I like because I like to look at things first.
    And so far the advise has checked out.
  3. I work directly opposite Intyre Motorcycles at North Fitzroy / North Carlton (Melbourne).

    Always received excellent advice from both staff I have dealt with.
    Very happy to let you look / try on gear.
    Both have ALWAYS steered me towards what I needed - not what was the most expensive.

    My boss visits them too and once ended up with not what he originally wanted when he walked in the door. (That one might need a little clarification. because it could sound bad... - basically he walked in and said I want THIS. They said sure - here it is - it costs $200 - but what are you going to use it for? After some discussion he walked out buying something completely different that was $80 less than his original item. And yes - the new item was more in-line with what he needed as opposed to what he thought he needed / wanted.

    I asked about getting the new toy serviced and was pleasantly surprised. MC servicing was $100 dollars cheaper than the original place of purchase.

    They Love to chat, and have plenty of coffee on hand too!