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Best security device??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Big Jock Newbie, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Howdy all,

    After a few months of hard saving, Ive eventually got my L's, all my gear and just put down a deposit on a VTR250 which Im picking up in a few days (which are probably gonna be the longest few days of my life!!!)

    Got a question - which security device to get for my new baby? disc lock / disc lock with alarm - immobiliser - or something else???

    Any suggestions would be good, and if anyone knows what pin size of disc lock I can get for the VTR that'd be good to know too.

  2. Plus one. And google some write-ups about this issue on the web. A lot depends on where you're storing it.
  3. As much as insurance is the best "security device" around, that deals with once the bike is gone. Disc locks, chains and imobilisers will probably deter opportunistic thieves but will only slow down the more determined professional thief. Sadly if they want it bad enough they'll find a way to "claim it". :-k come to think of it, i guess insurance is the best solution.

    As mattb mentions, it really depends on where you store it.
  4. And where you store it will have a direct effect on your insurance premiums.

    If you're a young (under 25 yo) rider, insurance WILL be expensive, but replacing a bike is more expensive. Most stolen bikes are not recovered.

    Go a disc lock, get one of those lurid "reminder coil" cables and hope for the best :).
  5. Look for a disc lock with alarm and/or proximity sensor. These detect if somone is hanging around the bike or touching it and will go off if they don't go away after a set period of time. They'll also go off if the bike is started or an attempt is made to move it.

    Saw one on a Triumph a while ago and had a chat with the owner, seemed like a good idea.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. cheers for the info guys. I'm going for fully comp insurance anyway and the bike will be in the garage overnight, but i'm gonna ride to work and its mostly for parking in the city i'm thinking about a lock.

    Seen the Zena locks with alarms but not sure whether its worth while - if the alarm goes off when i'm in the shop i wont hear it. Hopefully it'd be enough to draw someone's attention to it (wishful thinking!!)

    Like you say, if they want it bad enough, they'll get it.
  7. And the second best: a bike that no one wants / can't offload. It's a lot cheaper than comprehensive insurance!
  8. You could invest $200 on a bike alarm.
    You can get them from the online store <-----
  9. This must be good advice. It's the first time the very forum itself has ever felt the need to pipe up :shock:
  10. So there you go, Netrider proper has spoken.... :shock:
  11. Hyosung badge
  12. You're 12 years 3 months late.
  13. I'm just curious what do people think of the hard-wired alarms/immobilizer that are being sold by Aussie and UK sellers on Ebay? They are attached to your battery. This is the only ones that some insurance companies will credit towards the premium, they won't credit things like the Xena lock as its apparently easier removed.

    Has anyone got one of these or similar? How are you finding it? TIA
  14. hard wire alarms are good only down side is if you don't ride within a week your battery will be flat!. I had to make a hidden alarm kill switch so it won't draw the amps.

    Even with the unit not activly on it would still draw amps from the battery due to constant scanning for your FOB key only way to stop this would be to cut the power to the alarm unit itself.
  15. thought i might share this one from a buell forum. not me btw. in short all security stuff its all a pita, its about how much you can be bothered doing every day.

    buell has a pin code immobilizer function that you can set.
    I just picked up my 1125cr, and decided to play with the ignition immobilizer function. I set it to ask, thinking that this would help prevent my roommate from taking it for a test ride.

    We had an abnormally warm Saturday, so a buddy and I decided it was time to get a few break in miles on the new toy. We rode up the Mississippi river spur about 50 or so miles when we were stopped by a train crossing the road. Like a good motorcyclist I did not want to overheat the bike I shut it off…. Not thinking about the theft system that I had activated earlier. When the train had passed I turned the key to see the WONDERFULL enter pin prompt on my display, with ¼ mile of backed up traffic I pushed my bike to the side of the road. As I am punching in my pin, my buddy is joking about it spitting out an A.T.M. receipt.