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Best Scooter? Bug Agility 125 or Bolwell VS125

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by pete108, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. G'day everybody,

    I am about to buy my first scooter and am not sure which is the best out of these two. They are both made in Taiwan, both have a 4 yr warranty and are both the same price. I am only after a scooter for commuting, however I live in Canberra and need to go in the 100 km/h zone at times. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Pete
  2. Pete,

    If you're going to ride regularly on the 100km/h zones, you might want to think about a 200cc or greater. I ride a Piaggio Liberty 125 in Canberra, and it gets me to 100km/h but only in favourable conditions (ie, no big headwind and not uphill).

    Having said that, if you're still after a 125 I'm thinking of selling my Liberty, which is better than both of the scooters that you've mentioned. Let me know if you'd like to know more.

  3. 80-90km/hr is generally considered the limit for 125cc scoots. Of course they will go faster, they will top 100 but you dont want to be sitting on absolutely flat out.

    Obviously it depends on how much you will use 100k zones. If it will be regularly, then yeah I'd look at something on 200cc and up. Sitting on a little scoot going even 10 or 15k's slower than surrounding traffic will probably be scary as hell. You need teh ability to at least comfortable sit at teh same speed as surrounding traffic.

    edit - unless ACT has that scooter license like NSW has where you are restricted to 125cc. In that case, yes the options are either get a 125 or get a full license.
  4. What Duffman says is right. I don't think we're restricted to 125cc on our licence however.
  5. so Pete 108 you dont say if you are on your black licence or Ls or ps. I am on my Ls and bought a new Bolwell VS125. I am restricted to 80kms anyway. I ride on 110km road to work and back. I tried the bug agility too but found it too short in leg room for my 170cm (5'7") height.
  6. Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I have my black licence. I don't really need to go in 100km/h zones very often but being in Canberra there are times I have to. I am going to test ride the bug tomorrow and hopefully the Bolwell the following day but saying that they are only test rides, so any info is appreciated.

    Thanks again

  7. I dont quite know what "black license" means, but can I ask you is there a reason you are restricting your choice to 125cc?
  8. I have an open licence and main reason for 125cc is money. I would love a 250cc vespa but I don't have the cash. Also I previously rode a pushbike everywhere but shift work and time restraints make that impossible now so I am looking for the best bike that will do what I need and nothing too fancy or more than what I need. I have come down to the Bug and Bolwell but if you have any other suggestions that would be great. I have heard good things about both bikes but most reviews or opinions come from dealers that sell Bug or Bolwell. Years ago I rode sports bikes and I know with that it all came down to preference in the end (eg Honda vs Kawasaki etc) so it may be the same with scooters

  9. i have a bike look alike if ur interested. Rides like one too. A 180 in cc's.
  10. Sorry, it is mostly about preference really. They all need servicing and they all cost money to run. Its up to your taste in the end. My 180 costs 6-10 dollars to fill and approx 200kms-way better than a car atleast. And easier in traffic-and im talkin Legally easy.
  11. Sure. I think at the end of the day they are both brands of reasonable quality backed up by reasonable dealer networks around the country. The competitiveness of the scooter market in OZ is probably evidenced by the fact that they are extending warranties out to 4yrs, which really is a phenomenal amount of time and beyond the time frame that most people will keep their scoots.

    For my money, I would much rather a second hand scoot of larger capacity rather than a new smaller capacity one.

    There are many second hand scoots around with low km's and near new condition. Far better value in my opinion.
  12. Or even a black, 1 yr old, Piaggio Liberty 125 with Givi top box, in near new condition with 4,500kms on it........... :grin:
  13. Thanks everyone for the info, I have a lot to think about, let you know how I go.

    Thanks again